3.3 Feedback and suggestions


I also thought this would be the perfect way before reading your post.
Raid an Invasion are interessting alternatives but to close to each other and gw every week (like before) ist too much.


Please, buff treasure hunt rewards during vault events!


I hope the developers understand that everyone needs a much better GUILD leaderboard for Raid and Invasion. To even begin to know what is occurring in the guild.

  • sigils remaining
  • Tier level bought
    Etc. please see other post.


I was just checking my inventory and it came to mind that a pop up explaining what each orb does when you scroll over would be welcome, or add it as a new window when clicked. Just like if you click on a stone it gives a menu of where to find it. This would be a convenient way for new players to learn what things do.

Just a thought… :thinking:


Need this.



Click to see the full image. Yup, definitely required.


I suggested in another thread to put the orb descriptions in the hero inventory where all the trait stone locations are, something similar to that.


With the ever expanding inventory items it would be nice if the developers added in tabs for each type. This way instead of scrolling this huge list. We can simply tab to keys, orbs, arcanes etc.


The invasion mode is SO cheaty. The ai seems to get non stop skull and Mana matches for it’s color. Several people in my guild are saying the same thing, so i doubt it’s a coincidence. Who else is noticing this??
All that aside, invasion is just not a fun mode. I loved boss raid. You had to work your way to the boss. Even if you didn’t defeat the boss you got dmg progress. Invasion mode has no gimmick or special features. It’s just fight some enemies and 2 of them are towers.


I enjoyed invasion event, I didn’t like the raid boss event. And it’s hard to say exactly why, but some contributing factors:

  • more troop options in invasion, there’s a lot more beasts to choose from than Shentang troops, so there’s more room to find a team that you enjoy playing
  • invasion gives a better sense of progression - sure, you’re facing an endless series of towers, but at least you are defeating them, while with the raid boss, that one single boss just keeps coming back, bigger and badder every time.
  • towers are less BS than the raid boss who just kills a troop no matter what. A few lucky drops for the AI and you’re out of a troop.


Also, suggestion: could we add minor orbs to legendary task rewards? :slight_smile:


How about some maps too In the lt’s, I don’t have enough of them.


Dawnbreaker isn’t working properly.
After you cast the dawnbreaker the barriers flash but the enemies attacks are not stopped by the barrier.


Dawnbreaker is still in Arena.


Why the insistence to make the status effects so big that they cover up useful information?
A little fire can go a long way… Just ask Smokey the Bear.



Magnus is the best :rofl:


Those ugly effects that cover useful information are the sole reason that VoO is even considered a viable troop by some, me included :wink:.


I had a buddy named Mags… So every time I see Magnus…I think of him.
Maaaaaags. :grinning:


This isn’t necessarily a 3.3 Specific issue but it god awful annoying and recurring. Why on earth must you force “weekly events” that just Kill “X” colour troops in only PvP?! God I hate this type of weekly event. On console it takes people till Wednesday / Thursday to catch on and change their defence teams (if they do at all) and it’s most of the week just playing team after team getting 1 or 2 stones. I much rather you keep it PvP and Explore or do it like the previous Event where it’s a larger number but any “color” in PvP please!