3.3 Feedback and suggestions


If you could say “Gargantuan is the best” I’d appreciate it…:grin:

I know he’s worthless but he’s the only Mythic I’m missing. :pensive:


Gargantuan is the best! :smiley:

If only it worked that way, LOL! I have two, never used either of them.


Please refrain from providing answers that are not on topic.


Why isn’t this a thing?

I was about to make a thread about this, but did a quick search and noticed that it was already mentioned, although in a slightly non-serious tone.

I would find it natural, and also not game-breaking to give Archer immunity to mana drain. I’m not even arguing about the immunity to entangle, just give Archer one of the other ancestry traits, or or just mana shield.


That is feedback. There is a very large thread (with more replies than this one) in which many players agree Dawnbringer should not be in Arena. That thread started six months ago which, incidentally, the recent stream suggests means the thread started before planning for 3.3.

Please stop pretending to be a moderator, and take some time to read the forums so you can be familiar with common topics.


I think all the hero classes need an overhaul. The undying trait has been out longer than elf trait but necromancer class doesn’t get it… Also with the way souls are acquired the 3rd trait for necro is obsolete… almost every troop that can get souls does so better than necro.

Oh orbweaver has immunity to mana drain if anyone is looking


how do you create a post , and where do you post new card ideas?ty


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