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Yes I know another maw thread

First of all I have 4 mythic Maw’s fully traited so I’m not complaining about maw for not having it.

With the PvP leaderboard more competitive then ever and showing big numbers it is crucial to invade consistently and fast (At least 2 mins or less avg - tested on large scale) to compete with the top dogs.

What about counters to maw that was introduced in the last patch ?

Sure you can make a team involving stun/impervious and what not but it will NOT be consistent and fast against EVERY defense. It may defeat Maw quickly but will fall flat against other defenses taking 3-5+ mins and sometimes even failing to invade after you’ve spent alot of time in that fight.

Sure you can use multiple invade teams for different defenses but ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s slow as it is to wait for the loading time between matches. Now your looking through 1-20 setups & need to adapt quickly to invade fast w/ multiple teams. I’ve even noticed the loading time being longer if you switch teams constantly during a long invade session.

How do you approach a maw defense opponent #3?

  • You retreat right away or spend 1 gem to refresh
  • You use a maw countered invade such has stun/impervious or using maw yourself or board control cards.
  • you use multiple invades
  • You use your one and only invade and hope RNG is on your side.
  • you ignore it and choose opponent #1 or #2
  • you rage quit because of RNG devour or throw your phone/tablet or become that German angry kid on PC.

Why is Maw OP and should be nerfed:

As we know it’s 3rd trait is a bomb ready to explode , sandstorm is 100% devour & bonus gems , it’s super RNG based on defense due to always doing skull matches if available and then Boom… retreat… And on top of that you steal the card’s Atk, Armor & HP!

Maw having a GUARANTEED devour 100% and also a RNG based 3rd trait that benefits from AI is not comparable to any other cards!

Other cards based on RNG:

Archer Class: Bullseye, 15% lethal skull dmg (Bullseye defeats Impervious while Devour defeats Barrier)

Hero weapon: Black Menacles … NOTHING IS 100% like Maw.

Assassinate class: Assassinate 10% chance last enemy with skull match (Assassinate DEFEATS EVERYTHING EVEN BARRIER)

Same hero weapon as above

These provide you with a 2 way lethal based on RNG BUT the skull abilities DO NOT devour and steal stats compared to maw.

It’s NOT devour that’s broken it’s maw due to having a 2 way devour & the cast skill being 100% devour!


I once said, whoever invented maw in the first place owes everyone an apology. So I’m on your side overall.

But lets agree to wait at least a week or two to see everyone adapt to the new troops and possible combinations.

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I actually agree about Maw, but this:

Is baloney. The game should get harder. The game shouldn’t be easy-mode with a single team and a bunch of brainless clicking. Invaders should have to choose their team wisely. No one should be running constant sub-2-min games.


I still fail to see the fun in those. Defeating my opponent without any retaliation seems utterly boring to me.


I have avoided these threads for the most part, mainly because I didn’t have one and avoided most naw teams in pvp.

Now I have one and have successful beaten 90% of maw teams in pvp. I feel a bit more qualified to offer an educated opinion.

I like Maw the card. It is fun to race and beat him up before he gets his one cast. And if manages to get it off. At least I know he’s done and I can continue pummeling him.

I think the only problem is the third trait. It is without a doubt the best trait in the game. In every game I lost it was because of Hunger firing multiple times. It is impossible for the AI to screw it up and it just makes Maw a Monster that can’t be beat.

To make a concise argument.

MAW does not need a nerf.

HUNGER does!

Let’s remove the 210+ troops and only have four.

This solves the OP’s ‘problem’…


I was beating Maw teams without much problems even before impervious changes. Now, with the new kingdom being released it’s 10 times easier as before and people STILL complain…


Before maw, there was trueshot, and before that it was goblins. Someone somewhere will establish a meta and someone will complain about it. I deal with goblins more than maw.


Here’s my thing, the game was never about having 1 team built that can beat all other teams fast. The idea is that yes, you can build a team that can win pretty much all fights (barring EXTREMELY bad cascading) but never a team that can win all fights very fast.

That all being said, Manticore/Korv/Valk/Psion (With the new +2blu/+1yellow/-1green banner) is darn good at winning against everything. You have first turn mana control, a lot of true damage, first unit has high attack, if you lose the first unit your second unit is very tanky, and you have a ton of mana control throughout the game. It’s all true damage you deal on top of that (other then manticore, which is just nice for usually killing the first unit). You can really replace psion with any blue/purple troop that does decent damage or has decent effects, like revenant (applies deathmark on last unit, so you can possibly kill them while korv/mant take out first 3), plague, or queen mab for just dealing good damage. Heck, you could even use winter wolf to help kill the first units faster.

Even without that, you can just change the banner if you wanted to run something purple in the last spot, like mist stalker, succubus, or even spirit fox.

So I don’t really agree that maw is broken. The game just isn’t in the state before the mab change where you could win 98% of the games in 2 minutes or less (especially for hte high level people). Right now, I love the state of the game because there’s so much available to play, and a lot of decks that can work good, on top of nothing being out right broken while still being fast. It’s not perfect though, I can still win games in around a 4 minute average against all decks with my korv deck. I just switch between my mab deck and my korv deck for saving overall times on matches, but it’s literally 2 clicks.


I am one of those people with a successful Maw team and I think it’s entirely broken. Devour is broken. You should not get full stats. I still think devour should only award half stats. And maws talent should be reduced to 10% for starters. Those two changes combined would make him still feel deadly, but more reasonable.

As it is right now, the second maw devours my troop and I know there’s nothing I can do to prevent him from using his skill (unlucky cascades or bad board for ex), I don’t even bother with the match because it GG. There’s no fun in going against a monster that not only one shots my troop but gains all of its stats.

If that’s not ridiculously OP then I don’t know what is.

And On a side note (based on what people here were saying)… I don’t understand how anyone LIKES long matches… I get insanely bored if the match draws on and on and on and on… I like teams that are fast and to the point. Teams that don’t beat around the bush. Teams that are strong and can win against any team. I don’t have the patience or resources for constantly switching around teams. Think of newer players with a very limited arsenal (I am a mid player with a decent amount of cards fully maxed, but regardless my point stands).

There are many different types of players and many different styles of play and many different types of troop/teams. The devs have found a pretty good balance of them all, but it always needs to be kept in mind.

There should be something for everyone. If someone wants to use a foolproof team that is almost a guaranteed win, they should be able to. If someone wants to finish matches in 2 minutes or less, they should be able to with the right comp and requirements. If someone likes the challenge of longer matches, it should be available.

That’s just my opinion, though.

We shouldn’t be removing options and alienating players that liked those options, even if we don’t personally agree. Variety is great and will make the game fit for a huge amount of people. That should be a major goal.


I did laugh out loud :smile:

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I don’t think you should get ANY stats from devour, just instant killing stuff on its own is already OP, isn’t that enough?

Maw when 15% is more like 100%:

When Kirby eats an enemy he copies their abilities and spits them back out maybe if devour worked something like that?

So do you think shadow hunter is OP? Plenty of one hit kills with that card, at half the mana of The Great Maw.


Shadow hunter is OP but Maws third trait doesn’t even require any mana. :thinking:

Hunger: 15% chance to kill + steal all stats.
Assassinate: 10% chance to kill last enemy.
Bullseye: 15% chance to kill.

So it basically does the same as similar traits + more with the only drawback being that a few things are immune to it.

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I agree that Maw could do with addressing, it’s still super-prevalent on defence teams, and super-annoying to play against. Numerous other threads have suggestions on how it could be moderated a bit; I’d favour changing the third trait completely, plus upping Sandstorm’s mana cost a little.

I fundamentally disagree with this, however.

To me this is the entire point of the game - build a team to effectively counter the enemy team, and win easily and quickly.

So… @illusion I agree with the need to address Maw, but think you’re raising it for all the wrong reasons, which the devs aren’t gonna pay much attention to either - they’ve stated over and over again that they expect people to build and run multiple teams, and pick their counters effectively.


Hey someone managed to sum up a few long topic’s worth in less than 10 words :smiley: good job!

(people can say the card is ok the way it is, but it’s a fact that majority of 3-trophy games you face at higher levels are MAW teams, so yeah :frowning: )

I believe it is the goal of the direction GoW is heading (encouraging of building multiple teams, that are best suited to counter various setups you will face). The Maw issue is a tough one, on one hand Hunger is broken in it’s own way, on the other hand you can negate the trait by using Impervious troops (or stun now), but it IS forcing you to play specific teams (and not using possibly teams you have more/most fun with), and that would be OK too, if not for the fact that majority of higher level people run MAW in their defense teams.

You know what I’m getting at? it’s like a Schroedinger’s Maw, there is a problem, and at the same time there isn’t. I don’t envy Sirrian and the team, having to deal with this. Personally I would be in favor of re-working the 3rd trait. (as a side note, Maw the way it is, is the reason people do not use hero classes that give you a chance for Lethal, instead running Maw, why kill when you can eat it?).

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That’s not a fundamental disagreement, that’s a personal preference.

Personally, I don’t like team building at all, and I really hate scout-and-match. If I was forced to scout, I’d scout and skip.

Also keep in mind that many players are short on souls and traitstones, and can’t easily build multiple teams to counter whatever is out there (assuming they have the troops for it at all).

Troops that devour should gain only the victim’s life(hp), that’s what I think…

I know this is the main reason for the thread, so I’d just like to point something out here. We’re at day five of the new week, with (currently) the #2 rank in PVP leaderboards having 1117 wins and 260 losses in attack. That’s only an 81% win percentage, losing/exiting (whatever you want to call not winning) every five games. So you could argue, to compete with the leaders, it’s just about playing 24/7 and has nothing to do with whether you win or lose your odd attack against a team with Maw.

Personally, I don’t have that much time on my hands, but I could never want to commit that much time in something that I feel is meant to break up my day, not become the full extent of.

I understand that it’s just my opinion, that there will be others that see this as a ‘must have’ each week,(honestly get a life top 5 :wink:), but wouldn’t this application be truly meant for enjoyment? What is there to enjoy about monotonous, hour after hour, two-minute wins/losses?

Edit: Just as a footnote, that #2 player currently has 1131 attack wins and 263 attack losses = 1394 PVP battles. Let’s try some estimates.

Say each game took no more than two minutes from Victory screen to Victory screen. Times that by 1394 = 2,788 minutes (over 46 hours of gameplay). Since reset, only 101 hours have passed. In other words, half the persons life spent ‘competing with the PVP Leaderboard’