Mission Accomplished

Proof that The Great Maw needs a nerf: my defend team defeated dhjl! I didn’t even know that was possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That team is strong but nerf is too much. If only we get an empowered silence all troop.

I find Maw’s 15% devour to be a lot more dangerous than its ability, especially since the skull spam glitch still works with it.


True but i mean if people are playing mercy, biggest counter to her is turn 1 silence.

wonder how a great maw, skeleton, green slime, mercy would work…

If lucky turn 1 maw spell but doubtful.

Sorry to spoil your bubble but PvP defense is currently bugged and while you see all defends as wins if you look at stats it not so rosy.


I can confirm this.

The only trustable screen is the “stats” tab.
In other screens with the same display (like, when you click on yourself in your guild chat), defense wins and attack loss are swapped.
In battle logs, all defenses appears as wins, and in the screen rewarding you for all your defense since the last time you collected them, everything is displayed as a win too.

You also happen to win points from def loss (and, reportedly, I didn’t see that for myself, loose points for def wins)

It’s very messed up

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I’m the one who reported losing points from defensive wins. I am not gaining points from defensive losses, else I would have hit Tier 1 much faster!

Edit: a fix for the Mercy/Maw combo would be an empowered troop with mana drain or silence as part of its spell.