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Ultimate Maw/Mercy Combo Counter-Build

I don’t like playing against Mercy/Maw teams which are
currently dominating PVP.

I think both cards should be nerfed and since they are
dominating PVP they will likely be nerfed.

In the meantime, here is a build you can use that will win
the majority of the time against a Mercy/Maw build.

Position 1
Gorgotha – if you have granite skin
Knight Coronet – If you don’t have granite skin

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4
Dust Devil – Empowered starts with full mana

On the first move take any 4 matches and just cast Dust
Devil. Maw is moved to position 4 and is basically harmless. Shadow-hunter will
almost certainly take out an enemy troop on the first shot.

If Maw manages to devoir a troop, then shadow-hunter will
hit back HARD because of the extra life.

Druid is one of the best finisher cards in the game. He does
doubles damaged when there is only one card left and can do about 40 points
damage to the last troop; at my level.


Just curious, what other team combinations with Mercy but without Maw you think are game breaking or annoying?

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This is a fantastic counter! Good work!

I disagree with the opinion that Mercy should have get nerfed. She is just fine as she is. I dont see a single reason for it.

About Great Maw - well, I think all the devour thingy was a mistake from the beggining. Thats just too much. It could 1-hit a troop f.e… but devouring is game breaking. But I guess its too late to cry over spilt milk :slight_smile: So we could do 2 things to fix this:
1.That wormie needs either his 3rd trait removed,either increased mana, eventually both. Or make him 1 mana colour only.
2. Devour could get reworked to, for example, absorb only 1 random stat of the eaten troop. For example absorb all attack, or absorb all life, or all shield etc. Or as I said above, just 1-shot the troop.

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Pretty Much Just the Maw.

I think Mercy should be changed to fast instead of empowered.

Mercy with Jarl is quite powerful but not a total game breaker.

This was my post yesterday, It funny how some people flamed me for it but after the PVP came out, I think it proved the point of my post.

Yes, the 3rd trait should be different.

Devour should only bump health. Why would get your enemies armor and attack power just because their armor and weapon are in your stomach?

Devour and the Great Maw are really neat ideas. They are just overpowering in game play.

The 3rd Great Maw trait to devour on skull damage was a bad idea to begin with.

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She just combines too well with yellow troops and empowered trait.

If you changed her empowered to fast, it would be more reasonable and she would still be very powerful, just not first turn cast.

I don’t think anyone disagreed about Maw at all, it was all the other troops you wanted nerfed that people disagreed about…

I think Maws third trait should be:

Worm Party
After maw casts devour, it’s spell summons a rock worm.


A good counter to Great Maw and Mercy, is to use Great Maw and Mercy. Since you get to go first, you have a good shot of devouring Maw before he gets to devour any of yours.


This trait, as funny it is would be, is insanely useless :wink:
Why would a Great Maw after devouring an enemy, want to spawn a puny Rockworm in front to make it impossible for the Maw to attack himself?
While Summoning traits have a history of being mostly useless before the recent summon buff, this one is even a disadvantage after the buff.

Why would it be in front? Most maw decks have the maw in front.

It’s all about stratergery my friend :wink:

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or summon a Flying Spaghetti Monster !

So this trait would help you against opponents that selectively take out the targets behind the maw instead of the Maw itself? No trait needed for that :wink:

Not necessary selectively. They can just die from AOE :smiley:

How about this as a third trait. Percentage is still low but only works if you have an open spot.

On skull hit, 15% chance to steal troop.

This way the effect is similar in that you’re removing the troop and instead of buffing the worm, the troop stays as it is and now fights for you. But you have to have the spot to take it and if skull damage kills it, oh well.

Since the Broken Maw is a giant worm thingy I would assume he’s uncontrolable, so the thing you could change for Broken Maw:

  1. Make devour hit a random target
  2. Make it also possible to hit an ally
    Problem solved.

Other than that I find it odd that a devour spell can be cast on a Behemoth. Maybe the Maw could be big enough for that, but certainly no a Kerberos or a puny Land Shark. So how about that:

The Maw cant devour anything with an unlocked ‘huge’ or ‘immense’ trait. (should still be possible to eat someone ‘big’).

EDIT: typo

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Being a Behemoth fan and feeling regret that he doesn’t really have a good place in the meta right now, i would love the huge/immense idea.

But your proposed random devour would be terrible and just make Maw entirely pointless. The aim for fixing this issue can’t be to make the troop completely useless…

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It’s just a stupid troop right from the start. You can make a troop eat and absorb the enemy’s stats if it was a 10v10, but not in a 4v4 - use his skill and turn the match into a 5v3 - super pointless. Whoever came up with the idea owes everyone an apology imo.

But the only reason everyone is arguing in 2.0 more than in 1.9 is cause you cant Alt+F4 out of it anymore without getting a loss.


Maybe so, our opinions clearly differ on that one, which is fine but in any case the solution can’t be to make Maw abysmally bad.

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