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The Great Maw is ridiculous!

I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the game, but I’m finding The Great Maw is unbeatable. I haven’t been able to even come close to beating her. Which really sucks when you don’t have one. :disappointed: lol

Great Maw is a very strong troop, quite possibly most OP troop in the game. Targeted devour is probably the most powerful ability in the game.

There are two big problems with Great Maw:
1- The synergy is with Mercy is just ridiculous. Quite literally a lucky starting board means you can cast Maws spell on the first turn, which essentially will win you the battle 99% of the time
2- Great Maw is still bugged (has been for months actually). The third trait (Hunger) is able to devour multiple troops from a single (large) skull match caused by a powerful skull spawner such as IK, Sheggra or Bone Dragon.


I think you have to nerf both:

  1. Mercy should have Fast instead of Empowered. Too strong having a generator that’s filled out of the gates.
  2. Maw should cost a few more and have a 10% chance to devour in hit. It would make him more susceptible to being blasted down before he can fill and prevent a skull spam insta-loss.

Actually his spell is supposed to be really high cost to prevent him from abusing his spell, mercy was originally not to be run with him but alchemist was. Sand shark does devour on spell not attack. If they fix how the devour does multi-check then maw will be less powerful.

:tired_face:I have the same feeling about the Great Maw. Targeted devour and the Hunger are too much powerful in defend team.

My new pet idea to eliminate the effectiveness of Maw/Mercy without changing either of them: an empowered troop whose spell either drains mana or silences a single target.

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Dust Devil can lessen the anguish. Or if Maw is in first slot some entangle can work. As with everything if you don’t have a team your confident in for all battles then scout and use those 20 team slots you have to make hard counters. Sometimes to get that win needs a little effort on your part.

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That’s not a bad idea for a specialized troop. Good thinking :slight_smile:

Until you damage the Maw, and its Frenzy trait increases its attack and breaks the entanglement.

On the topic of dealing with the Maw, maybe the Yeti could be redesigned to be my putative Empowered mana drain troop. Change its spell from “Deal X damage, doubled if target is Frozen” to “Drain a target’s mana. Deal X damage if target is Frozen”. Reorder its traits, too: (1) Water Link, (2) Chill Touch, (3) Empowered. Bam. At the start of the next event you have a troop that can handle the Mercy/Maw combo without taking a nerf bat to either Mercy or the Maw.

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Devouring is way over powered. It’s too much of a game changer with pure luck. Maybe if it only added one of the four attribute scores instead of all four it would be in better balance. Then it should also be of the weakest opponent, not a chosen one.

This is one of my pet peeves and I avoid those match-ups like the plague. On the rare occasions I do face then (particularly when coupled with Mercy) you have to make sure the changing the purple gems to yellow doesn’t give an immediate 4 or 5 gem match. Otherwise you have no chance. IF you manage that you can use the 4-5 gem matches to your benefit and take out the Great Maw before it can power up. Once you do that then the line-up isn’t very difficult to beat since there usually is only one other decent attacking troop in it.

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