RUDE Defense Teams


I just pulled this in PvP:


Post the rudest, funniest, craziest, defense teams you face here! Pics please if you’ve got 'em!



That build used to be even worse. Was recently nerfed to reduce the chance her spell chains.


I went ahead and fought it just to see… AI never got a turn!
Probably one of the best games I’ve ever had, from a luck stand point. Board control competely went my way it was sweet…

Might even turn this is into a story for the cellar… :thinking:


Now if Mercy was in that lineup, it might’ve been worthy of concern.
Maybe throw a Gorgotha in the first slot to really ruin some peoples day.

As for Rudest defense teams? Maw + Mercy, hands down. If there’s an Infernal King and Sheggra in that mix, just know that I don’t hate you, just everything you’ve done.


My current is


Unless you get a turn lock, chances are I’m going to eat at least one of your guys.


I saw @Ragereaver running something like that or similar. There’s 5 gems I’m happy to give up.


what about a molach - fully traited… i skip those.


True damage is your friend. Cut through your enemies while ignoring their ridiculous armor stats! Plus if you act now, an ice crusher!


I played against my own new defence team and realized my defence team is stronger than it is stupid.
Goblin shaman**
Goblin shaman**


Does anyone here have armor or VIP bonuses?


You mean is it affecting rewards from battle?


Check how much a match is worth and compair it to what you won at the end, betcha your gold wasn’t multiplied by your death knight/dragon armor or VIP bonuses


Will check it out


I started a thread I just want someone else to confirm for me, take screenshots if u can and post them in my thread “Glitch: Gold bonuses not applying”


We’re currently investigating this


Thanks @Nimhain, I took pics that I posted in the thread "Glitch: Gold Bonuses not Applying"
If there is anything further I need to do, please let me know


Yes thats my exact dick team lol.


On Console, I left this team up for three days and it went 42-6;

Knight Coronet***
Wolf Knight***
Griffon Knight***
Lance Knight***

Today? I’ve been invaded twice, people are avoiding me now.


Might fly that knight team