PSA: Maybe make a defense team that isn't horrid


…before the patch hits. Unless you wanna be farmed like a field of corn.


Oh yea…good point…

Dragons! You’re up!


I would… but mine would be horrid regardless :stuck_out_tongue: Also work kinda prevents me from logging in to GoW at the moment <.< >.>

Curious to see what changes we might see in defense teams…


I’m waiting for about 12 hours from now when we start to see defend teams of:

Base Mythic
Base Mythic
Queen Mab


Gonna be a lot of deja vu when it comes to teams.


C’mon, @Tacet, you’ll be one of the first. :wink:


What PSA stands for?

  • Pants Slightily Aflame?
  • Popcorn Sandwiches Algorithms?
  • Personnal Subway Actors?
  • Poodle Super Awesome?
  • Pending Stars Acrobatics?

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Ok, now that i’ve learned about “polling stuff” and that P.S.A stands for Publice Service Announcement, thanks to people can vote here for no reason at all, or just because everyone is waiting for 2.0. :smiley:


All of the above.


I can promise you I won’t be a target before I get on, so no worries there.

I’m thinking goblins until my real defense team is ready to go. With Goblin King and +2 green banner.
Sound’s like a real hoot, don’t it!


Good meal for a Maw.


Really, though, what isn’t?


Everything but Goblin King’s third trait really empowers Maw


I went Daemons.


I actually went:

Crimson bat


Being farmed like a field of corn sounds so classy. I am quite sure my defense team is going to be ridden like the Seattle Slew.

I am in denial though due to 2.0 anticipation which is seriously out of control right now here at my house…


Real issue is no one really know just how good their d teams are because of the close client issues


Close client issues? Do you mind elaborating…


I have all of the cards pre-2.0. Yet, for now, my problem is traits. I chose poorly–like that guy in Indian Jones–when I had a boatload. And like Camelot is a silly place, I traited a whole heck of a lot of silly troops.

Important Safety Tip: Untraited Troops Make Poor Defenders.


Until now some people, if they looked like they were going to lose an invade, would Alt+F4 (or equivilent) out of the game so as not to have it count as a loss and not lose trophies over it.


I’m going to stick with my dragons for a while and see how it goes.