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Good defense team

Hi all.

I have good PvP attacking team 99% winning rate except stupid Mab teams. But in defense it looses because AI plays it badly.

Any good AI not dependant team ? Could You shrae some ideas ?

BTW : if You want to try sth different I am using

Treant ***
Jarl Firemantle***
Jarl Firemantle***
Infernal King ***

Very strong and fun to play.

Looping teams aren’t good on defense, because the AI plays them poorly.

Gorgotha, while a really strong front tank, isn’t really good on defense either, as the AI will just spam his ability instead of using the rest of the team.

The most brutal defense I’ve run into lately has been Maw/Famine/Famine/Mercy.

Other good defenses would be anything that makes good use of Empowered troops… I’ve seen 3xScale Guard or 3xSiren besides the obvious Mercy.

last i checked my defense wins doubled my losses and i use


got all 3 traits on famine and the first trait on acolyte

“goblins”, rockworm with full traits and the earth tank.

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So your wins doubled or your losses?

well it was yesterday but i just checked and its no longer the case but im still going positive at 36 wins 24 losses

Who would you recommend as the 4th troop alongside scale garden or siren?

Naga Queen or Serpent with Scale Guard.

Siren you can use to fill Maw.

Think i passed you, and passed up on you. 3 famines at level 159 was it? must feel nice :slight_smile:

yep that sounds about right but while the 3 famines is nice i still cant seem to find a war no matter how many keys i spend

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Right now, for 7 days, only Famine is in the chests.

You mean Plague.

Plague not Famine, wrong horsey

Indeed, my bad. Too many horsemen now :flushed: :blush: