Most Successful Defense AI Team?

I’ve been using a Dragon Team (Celest, Bone, Venox, Shadow). I will replace Shadow with Sheggra whenever I get her. I usually get 40-50% defense wins.

The AI can be really bad sometimes and can make some really terrible moves. With that being said, has anyone been able to find a setup that the AI can use properly (Excluding fully ascended True Shot Teams).

P.S. I freaking Hate Goblins. Don’t like using them, don’t like playing with them, don’t want to accept them being a top tier defense setup.

With the blue/green traitstones from today’s update, I’m now running 3-trait Stone Giant, Ettin, Gob-Chomper, Ogre.
No tricks at all - just lot of “big” giants with attack & health bonuses.

Golem (Rare troop with high defense & stoneskin) is another good option. Really a burly defensive troop up top is your best way toward AI defense victory bliss.

I currently use this:

Ghoul ***
Skeleton ***
KoS *
Zombie ***

All mythic except for KoS. Nothing the AI can screw up with - sometimes wins, sometimes loses =P

I don’t have a specific team in mind, but here are some ideas for things the AI can use well:

Stoneskin - Really good as a True Shot counter. If you have Gloom Leaf and are able to trait him, he’s great. Otherwise, any Stoneskin troop you can trait is good - Knight Coronet, Archon Statue, Stone Giant, Treant are all decent. If you need more variety to complete the team, Armored troops can be a decent replacement.

Empowered - Lamia can be very good, as well as Faunessa (though she’s harder to trait). The new Mercy isn’t bad either. Even a simple team of 3 empowered Lamia can devestate the enemy lines right off the bat.

Good old Team Bonuses - If you’re looking for something that works decently without traits, Goblins aren’t the only ones. Divine from Wighthelm, Fey from Forest of Thorns, Wildfolk from Maugrim Woods, they all work well enough, and I’m sure there are more. And of course, with traits they are even better.

Sure, nothing can go wrong. Except you have Keeper of Souls there, which so happens to be the king of AI failures, having a disturbingly high chance to just hand a board full of skulls to the enemy.

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