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Bless You Dear Friends

This thread is dedicated to those of you that only set 1 of 2 troops for your defense team. You people are doing the lord’s work. You make my day brighter each and every time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I never come across these people in PVP. :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha really? Way more with 4 troops of course, but I usually find at least a few per week on both console and pc.

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Just bad luck I guess. :smile_cat:

I used to get the 1 troop defense back before 2.0. I was grateful for them back when I was under level 100 and still trying to build a viable PVP team. Times were tough then. lol


Yeah that is probably why. I’m still under level 100 on pc. I’m working on it though. I know you are very high up. :grin:

I’m still a small fry (level 267) in this game. :smile_cat: But, I have my kingdoms leveled and have some strong teams built. That makes all the difference. PVP isn’t such a horrid grind now.

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Hows the third trait on gloom leaf working for you?

Bet youd love to trait gorgotha and coronet!

I need to trait the three of them myself


Third traiting Gloomleaf makes him almost a perfect tank if you can keep casting him. It took my pvp times from 4 mins per match to 3. So i’m loving it.

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He can be a disaster to play against if you run a skull based team… which I do

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Yeah the AI basically destroys itself. It’s satisfying I won’t lie. :blush::smile_cat::smiling_imp:


Gotta love the freebies!


I leave my dork team out on defence all the time (low levelled peasant, orc, Dwarven miner and sparkgrinder). Would people rather have 4 quick and easy kills (to at least get some souls) or just 1 troop in defence?
Somehow, this team still manages to collect a soul or two now and then, though it has never managed a win…

Yeah that’s my thoughts. Since defensive wins don’t really mean anything (currently) everyone should put 1 troop defense. lol Rather that’s a wish…:blush: You get rewards win or lose so it doesn’t really matter. Also that would allow for more people to revenge against.

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I wait for the day when a single Peasant is worth 8,423 team score… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At this point i need glory so i might set a one and done team.

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Was that on PS4 Talia? I’m running a lvl 1 Marid def team :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s PS4 and that was you @Boats!

Didn’t know you were on the Forum :slight_smile: