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The New Defend Meta


I’ve also seen some generous soul fielding a single Bombbot. My thanks.


Heh I’m fielding a Suicide Squad (AKA the IDGAF anymore defense) consisting of: Dwarven Slayer/2x Bombot/Sacrifice. Just want to give everyone something funny to play against :wink:


Makes me wonder how popular some kind of weekly Defense Team Special would be. Introduce an unusual set of rules (e.g. “Four of the same troop”, “All troop names must start with letter ‘D’” or “Three troops only”). Defense teams that comply might need some (minor) stat boost, to get them out of the “total pushover” range. And there should probably be an incentive for players setting up such teams, e.g. higher defense rewards. I imagine it would at least provide some variety in what teams we get to fight over the months.


I am doing it so I don’t see the dreaded Manticore meta anymore. I see it a fraction of the time. I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence or not. It feels amazing


Has it affected your base gold per pvp?

I switched up my defence team (from an all mythic, all traited lineup) to something a little different. My team score went from around 8400 to 7100. It’s early days, but I feel like I’m getting both easier matchups and less gold.

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I’ve done this a number of times, and this is always my experience. I get less gold per match, but the matchups are easier and more varied to a degree. Therefore, I can do more matches.


That is exactly my reason, less annoying defend teams.

And when I do get a double manticore on 3 trophy fight, I do 2 trophy instead.

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Slightly. I get, on average, about 300 less gold, but I am finishing matches twice as fast, if not faster.

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Honestly not really.

I have been getting steady 800 for a long time now. Before switching I would rarely get anything 1,000 or higher and that team would be really frustrating to go against typically (base mythics, manticores, bone dragons galore all with full kingdom and guild bonuses). Now I am going against teams of my own level and bonuses and am getting slightly less gold but am having a much better time. Also note I am level 620 something

I have rarely seen the double manticore team. This has fixed the game for me (this meta has slowly destroyed my warm feelings of this game). It’s worth it getting less gold to actually have fun, in my opinion. Especially since it’s barely any less. Sometimes it’s actually more base than those teams. I have no idea how the gold calculations are but those annoying meta teams should be worth a lot more than they are for the time they take.

I do find it quite sad that it resorts to cheesy antics. I’d like to be able to put my best team on defense but then the power is too high and I’ll be going against the meta I hate. So this works for me :slight_smile:


Yeah. And, as @Mekkalyn said, you do occasionally run into Manticore/Courage/Bone Dragon/Deep Borer teams, but it’s fairly rare. Even still, that defend meta is so perpetuated that I sometimes run into that team when their troops aren’t even at Legendary rarity yet (only worth about 800 gold), but a poor RNG spike can still disrupt your entire team. It isn’t fail-proof, but it’s better than only fighting those meta teams.

Thanks, are 2 trophy matches a viable alternative (from a resource v. time perspective)?

Well, you’re always going to get more resources from a 3 trophy bout, but when you factor in the negligible gold difference at times (i.e. 800 gold for T2 vs. 850 for T3) for teams that are noticeably at different levels of difficulty (i.e. Battle Rating 7,000 for T2 vs. 8,200 for T3), it would be beneficial to opt for the easier one since it will [on average] take less time the hard option; thus, boosting your Returns on Investment (RoI).

Also, I have an inclination towards any revenge battles, even if it is the one trophy option.

If I have more fun against a random t2 fight than I would against a t3 double manticor, it is WELL worth the loss of a trophy.


Revenge battles still have an hidden x2 gold bonus, after armor/VIP bonuses. So if your 3 trophy is worth 1-1.5k, it’s still probably worth it to do 2 trophy revenge fights. Also, bonus glory.

I’m aware of the bonus. If it is not intended and is patched, you are, in part, to blame! As I said, I choose the Revenge battle regardless of the gold reward.

I meant as a blanket strategy of avoiding the mundane meta but maintaining gold earned. To do 2 trophy 100% of the time over the same period of playtime (same for doing 100% 1 trophy too)

I’ve tried several different defend teams today. I’m not seeing much change in opponents. Lots of Manticores, Bone Dragons, Deep Borers, and Courages.

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having to resort to a weak defense team to avoid meta and see more variety pains me
i think ive been seeing less manticores then many of you as my standard defense is only 6,5 team score so i do not have to do that

but if i had to do that, i feel it is undair that we cannot descend/delevel/de-trait troops…

something is wrong with mechanics that go that directions…

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