What is the best defending team?

I’d like to know what is the best or possible best team for defending … I have 171 unique troops so i’d probably have all the necessaries .
I keep end up loosing , and I don’t make any kill :frowning:
please help / advice

I run goblins, you could run rock worms, or possible 4x black beast, or 4x celestia, or maw/mercy.

thanks . I will keep this in mind ! :slight_smile:

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For specific teams, check out the new ranked leaderboard. On top of being able to see people’s defensive records, you can also click on their names, then “Fight” to enter a training battle against their defending team. It’s a great way to find proven successful defensive options.

thanka a lot . :smiley: it helps

A note of caution - there is no perfect defense team that will never lose. If there was, everyone would be using it and you would never win an invasion. That’s not to say there aren’t some that are better than others, there are. Just don’t expect a perfect defense record. :wink:


I just want to win , on some occasions, or just see that my team counts and kills 1-2 off the opponent :slight_smile:

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I’m with you on that, and wish I could offer some good advice. Unfortunately, every defense team I’ve put up gets beat on a regular basis, so I guess we’re in the same boat.

Have you tried my Original Blue team on defense @RiverSong ?

I’m curious how it holds up on the PC version

Hiya Mojo,

I crunched data from last week’s leaderboard. Here are the top 10 defenses from last weeks leaderboard by percentage. Keep in mind that this data should be taken with a grain of salt because defense losses were buggy and stopped counting mid-week. Also, I’ve observed that defense teams that work at lower levels aren’t usually effective at higher levels. In other words, the higher up you go, the effectiveness of a defense team diminishes.

Once the dust settles and PVP becomes stable, I’ll probably do a chart showing best scoring defenses by percentage and player level range.

95% | Cyclops,Drake Rider,Dark Song,Gar’Nok,
91% | Dust Devil,Knight Coronet,Jarl Firemantle,Queen Mab,
87% | The Great Maw,Rock Worm,Rock Worm,Acolyte,
87% | Spring Imp,Goblin Rocket,Morthani’s Scythe ,Autumnal Imp,
81% | Hydra,Morthani’s Scythe ,Soothsayer,Sunweaver,
79% | Jarl Firemantle,Morthani’s Scythe ,Terraxis,Queen Mab,
79% | ,Marilith,Behemoth,Terraxis,Venoxia,
76% | Gorgotha,Mercy,Infernal King,Staff of Madness ,
74% | Soothsayer,Queen Mab,Valkyrie,Queen Mab,
74% | The Great Maw,Mercy,Infernal King,Sheggra,


Wow. I haven’t seen 7 of those teams…

They have the best win ratios, not necessarily the most used. Also ratios can be finicky since something that wins once and never loses has a 100% win rate. Will be interesting to see if some of those teams are still there next week now that losses are back properly.

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That’s what I thought too. But, the data actually makes more sense when you consider the levels of the players linked to each team. I should have added levels to the program I wrote to do the metrics, but I didn’t. I’ll add it later though.

For example, the player with the 91% defense is level 1000. We can assume other high level people were fighting him. The 95% defense player is level 232. I would assume he had more attacks from low to mid-level players.

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The defense stats were so bugged last week I would not consider those stats to be anywhere near reliable. A report from this week’s stats would be much more enlightening.

Yep, I said exactly that in the post.

@TaliaParks yes, I have, and it worked well until everything went to Maws. Once 2.0 came out, it seems like every defense build went in the dumpster.


Yeah, the overuse of Maw means it’s going to get nerfed before Consoles get it.

Aren’t you glad you have us mobile folks to beta test things before they come to console?


Makes my life easier for sure.

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