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Tired face Goblins in PVP

Taking advantage of the excellent new 2.0 PVP so I wanted to keep me in the ranking of the first thousand placed. During the fights I can say that out of 10 fights at least 6 are against goblin armies. I believe there is an imbalance and disproportionate force to some goblins, such as taking 23 points from a skull attack a single goblin.

What is your level and other information related to it.

Yeah, it’s interesting. Last week I saw all kinds of teams. This week most of the offers to tier 1 were goblin teams. I’m not really bothered but surprized about the re-proliferation. (level 380-ish, atk team score 7000-7700)

Just noticed that my most effective maw/mercy team has WAY ower score than others, the algo must look for some off things.

Facing goblins over and over is tiresome -> People choose to put goblins to defend in the hopes of avoiding attacks.
Not working against me, i’ll take goblins any time and while some teams are even slightly well constructed/ordened othera are simply a “walk in the park” because os the lack of strategy… I’m facing every now and then a team with NoBend Brothers and i must say: It’s a wasted slot. But as long as i keep getting trophies and gold i’m ok with it.

I highly recommend investing in a Gob-chomper team. You can easily play PvP to your heart’s content just with that team (bc of how prevalent Goblin teams are).

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