So I Tried the new "Meta" defense teams

Ok so I started using the kraken,justice,mab,valkyrie,korvash, spirit fox teams for defense…Just so see what it’s all about…So I went from 50 plus defense’s per day to 4 total for all day…what I have figured out is this…everyone else hated that Bull$hit as much as I do…I used to skip those fights…"now I have a secret weapon against them thanks to @Dan_ozzzy189, though he didn’t directly help Me with the Anti-A$$hole team. So in short…back to a defense team that will get Me more defense losses…at least I’ll have pvp rewards


Another pagan has come to glory and seen the light!

This is what I’ve always thought - you want defense losses to get the revenge battles. Least that’s what I do.



I just boycott all just/mab teams and any that has spirit fox in them and doing so for months. Why on Earth should I bother with what annoys me.

And I started to use event defences some time ago. Number of fights skyrocketed.


I finally traited mab and korvash, and I use the “meta” team to defeat the “meta” team. By far the most effective way I’ve found to defeat it. Getting frozen isn’t so bad when they’re also frozen, and korvash often stuns AI’s mab before any freeze happens. Kinda fun to use on offence, but I refuse to put it up on defense.