After Updates, Sarcasm is my Best Defense: What’s Yours?


Before the update, I was doing okay on defense.

But no more.

I am not blaming the update, it is absolutely and definitively me. I am just hoping for some reasonably reliable approaches to defensive teams the AI can utilize semi-effectively with all of the changes.

Based on my recent data collection and quantitative research analysis, each team that I field has the precise win and loss outcome of a single Musketeer coupled with three empty troop slots running a Proud Banner.

You’re killing me, folks. What four troops are you people fielding? These guys?

If you are having some decent results with a team–and do not mind sharing your super-secret strategy, please suggest it here. Otherwise, I shall continue defending with my lonely Musketeer. I do just fine with invasions, thank you very much.

I will continue testing teams and if I find something that works, I will most certainly post it.

Here is a picture of the kind of defense I am looking for:


This game needs an option to leave a comment after successful invades. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure that wouldn’t cause any conflict. :slight_smile:


+1 Feature Request =p

Back before the changes, this team was one of the many builds that I used to decent effect. It was suggested by Dhjl back before the updates. He did not mention a banner, but +2 Red was working fine for me.

Hero (Bullroarer)
Crimson Bat

But no more (see first post) :sunglasses:


Hero: Silent Night

Zhul’Kari Banner

…this team has twice got me great numbers. Once, 0-7, another 3-11 (losses to wins). It has been buffering out I think, perhaps because I’m going up in level fast, and also maybe people are finding invade teams to quickly dispatch of my setup!


As far as I know, Bruce Lee was expelled from the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been working with this team. I can’t say it is working awesomely yet, but I still have hope. I can’t tell if it is struggling because the AI can’t play it, or if it is simply because some of the cards need levels.

I would love it if we could watch a recording of our defense battles. I really would like to know sometimes why a team lost and what kind of team it lost to. You could watch other’s past games in Tetris Blitz and it had way more moves in a game than Gems does, so I know it can be done.

Monster Bash
Banner: Goblin Banner Green / Brown (no there aren’t any goblins in it)
War Sphinx lvl 14 Epic
Chimera lvl 14 Ultra Rare
Swamplash lvl 15 Epic
Cockatrice lvl 14 Ultra Rare (Flying)
Bonuses: Monster General II (+2 Armor, +2 Life, +1 Magic)

I was seeing a ton of damage being dealt through skulls during invades so I decided to try to pile up some entangles. With any luck the AI would trip into dropping Swamplash on someone who was already entangled for the damage boost. Watching the AI it loves to hold silence effects until someone is close to full mana and then cast it on the one with the most mana, so I figured that would help out with Cockatrice’s targeting. Chimera starting the chewing on the most powerful keeps the AI from wasting poison shots on critters that are nearly dead. When playing opposing matches I have liked how the computer plays the War Sphinx and it was a monster that used mana the others didn’t so it got the nod.

Comments welcome.



I have been wondering about this too. I have come to realize all my teams are pretty dependent on player control to do well. So my invades go okay, generally. And I do get the occasional defense win, but they’re pretty few and far between.

My current defense is my old construct lineup: Carnex, Tankbot, Flame Cannon and Prismatic Orb.


My defend is usually one of several fun ones, but I think the strongest and highest win rate so far has been:

Boar Rider
Goblin Shaman

Purple/Brown, +6 hp, and +4 attack.

All of them are level 20 and full traits. Gnoll one shots basically everything with true shot, then the goblins are goblins and auto win. xD


I can’t tell if the Goblin teams win because people are tired of fighting them or if they actually win. I often get a really high win percent with my goblins in defense, but I can’t tell how many are just auto-quits. I know when I play against goblins they are one of the easiest teams to beat. There is a keeper of souls team variant running around that has been giving me way more trouble than the goblins ever have. I will see if I trip across it again on my run to Rank 1.



Why, you actually want to win defendes? That is bad economy :slightly_smiling:

It’s probably more tied to levels and kingdom bonuses. I had the worm/worm/borer/worm team on def, it brought like 1:10 wins at 1.07 but on .8 after I ascended the worms started massively winning. So I replaced it even before traiting.

My current team is like “random trash” – and part misunderstanding, I thought Valkyre creates souls for me on defense, but it’s not the case. It’s Acolyte, Alchemist, Valkyre, Banshee. And even that brings a handful of victories, maybe 2 of 10. The levels, attack bonus and traits are pretty powerful even when the AI is just flailing,


I am actually less and less convinced of this. I have seen no proof your gold stolen is returned, and in fact have seen several examples where that seems to be disproven. For example I had two similarly leveled people give me gold for the revenge battle very similar, yet one stole a couple hundred more gold than the other. Also with the glory rewards for winning, I can win, keep my gold, gain glory, gain gold keys, and launch a fresh invade for more gold and even more glory.

This mantra might have been true at one point, but personally I don’t see the math actually working especially if you lose the gold it says was stolen. Even without that, the glory rewards make winning much more attractive. Revenge battles have significantly lower payouts than invades even with a 50g launch cost.



But if you’re tired of def losses why not just leave the 3 there unprocessed, IUC you will not get bothered with more incoming attacks.


This is actually a really good point many players might miss. If you don’t want to process the revenges and you can’t win the defense, just leave the defense fights. Personally I want to win the defense and collect my shinies. Otherwise I want my revenge and to collect my possibly lesser shinies. The first is ideal, the second a good consolation. :smiley:



Today this thought came to me. I can harvest up to 120 souls with
Valkyrie (necro trait)
KOS (necro trait)

If I use this a a defending team, will it generate more souls from a win than the standard 4?


I appear to not get souls from defense, win or lose, just the 1 per troop killed. I had a topic about that earlier hoping for dev confirmation if that is bug or feature, but no response yet.


I have KOS in my defense and I only get 4 souls from winning in there. Disproven.


I just ran into a KOS and Tau lineup. 2nd turn had KOS powered up and Tau was already at 33 attack. My entire team was gone in 5 turns, lol. :slightly_smiling:


Because you only have 3 defend slots and once they are filled you are no longer selected for battles :wink:

So my aim is to come back to the game with 7-8 wins and 3 losses, so I can still do my defends, but also gain extra “freebies” from winning a few of the battles :stuck_out_tongue:



Thank you for the great replies. A lot of helpful information there.

In other news, I ran afoul of this defense team, recently, fielded by the inimitable @MrSammy.



Anyway, his team is fun for invasion, too. I only have two traits on the Glade Warden and the others are all unascended pansy troops; however, it is still effective.