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PVP Defense suggestion

Just watching the Dev Q&A from July 1, and SIrrian mentioned how people don’t always use the best teams and the devs don’t understand why. One suggestion I would make for this is that defense is entirely a black box. You occasionally find out you won or lost, but there is zero information given as to what beat you, so it’s not really possible to know why you lost and how you might change the team to work in a direction that you want. What I really want is, at the very least, to be able to see the team that beat my team. That way I could know if I’m losing to goblins or to Divines or whatever, and adjust my defense team accordingly.

(Obviously, the other aspect is to redesign the motivation for defense teams so that it’s actually more beneficial to win a defense than to lose, which currently it isn’t)

Some people use easy defense teams to get more revenge battles. A lot of people skip meta defense teams, goblins, mab teams, etc. And some folks just don’t have the troops to put up a good defense.

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Yes. That first sentence is exactly what I was referring to with the parenthetical ending. It should not be true that the best strategy is to have a garbage defense team, so that needs to be fixed.