Defense Team change idea

If your defense team wins matches, you are worth more when someone sees you as an invasion. You are given a small %stat buff + increased reward if beaten.

The more your defense team wins, the more reward you receive.

This would be beneficial in putting together a solid defense team instead of placing one troop for revenge purposes.

I think Diablo 3 uses a similar mechanic (in a sense) when a monster kills someone on your friends list, they come and attack you. If you can’t beat it, it gets stronger and goes to the next person on your friends list.

Thought it would be an interesting incentive.


I like this idea would make defending have a point once more.

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Moving this to feature request :articulated_lorry:

I do like the idea, but let’s see what devs came up with in 2.0.0 first. Rumor goes they are chaning the whole PvP system, so I expecct them to have targeted the invasion system’s biggest flaws first.

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I agree with @Krimlin

I also like the idea of players receiving more reward if their defense team wins.

Developers/Players here is some food for thought.

Right now I get more reward having my team lose and then defeating players with the Revenge because you get the rewards from the Revenge bar also. Defense should have its own reward bar for the wins from your defense team and keep the reward bar for Revenges also. It would be nice to see a running total for defense team wins and losses added to the PVP stat chart too. As a player in PVP, I will skip to a weaker team so I have a better chance of winning since it only costs 10 gold and my defense team is weak so I obtain more revenge battles. So if players are rewarded more for having a winning defense team it should also cost players more gold to skip and skip until a weaker team appears. Each skip should cost more gold each time. This way players would think twice about skipping and just verse a more difficult team allowing wins for defense teams and losses for players. In any game losses are the way players get better and develop new teams and better strategies. Souls and/or traitstones would be the most effective rewards, especially if players need to develop a new team/strategy. This itself makes the game more challenging. I personally do not want to play a game where I win every time. That makes a game boring. That being said the PVP match up system needs to be more precise on character level, maybe within 5-10 levels either direction of your own. Right now at level 102, I can skip and get paired up with a level 79. That is a 23 level difference, with me having the advantage.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this.

These are some fine ideas for a rework on how defense teams rewards us.

Is pax east this weekend? I know it is iff topic but considering the next update, might there be information related to this topic going to be released at pax.