So here's a crazy idea.... Invading and Defending

OK, so I think I understand the game well enough on the back-end to make this suggestion. Or I’m crazy and have no idea what I’m talking about. Either or. lol

When invading for PVP matches, you go against other players teams that they set as their Defenders. That seems to be how it works anyway. When I’m invading, grinding away for the level 1 Rank for each weekly event, I encounter all kinds of teams. Yesterday alone, I fought a team that consisted of a single Goblin King. That’s it. Just one card. Then another team was all Legendary cards. Then another was the hero and 3 goblins. Pretty random right?

Well this got me thinking… why are we setting HIGH level teams as our defenders? Shouldn’t we all do each other a favor and set super weak defenders to make the grind to RANK 1 that much easier? I mean, challenge is one thing but the 40 + matches to grind your way up to RANK 1 just gets freakin’ tedious. I just want it over with so I can play other parts of the game.

The fight with the goblin king was particularly sweet, having to battle a single card was pretty easy. I wish every PVP fight was that simple.

I have now set my PVP Defend team to be the hero and 3 lvl 1 Musketeers. Pretty easy to defeat.

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling:

So… am i right? What do you think folks? Is this a sound community direction to take to make all of our grinds to RANK 1 a little less tedious?

It took me 22 battles to get to rank 1 today. The teams that are one troop don’t give much opportunity to farm gold or souls. Sometimes I get a team that is very tough to beat like @dhjl’s Stoneskin team but the weak teams seem to take the fun out of the win. My own defense team wins a few and loses a few but I hope it give some enjoyment to the people that pull my number in their invades or revenges. Just my opinion.

Sorry just noticed the platform you’re on. I’m on PC. My opinion may not matter.

That’s fair.

I guess I farm resources from Challenges. I just want my Glory rewards for the weekly PVP and then back to completing the rest of the game.

Perhaps not everyone shares my lack of passion for PvP? lol

Once the challenges and quests are completed there are only two options - pvp and arena. Some play arena for keys, souls and trophies. Pvp is best for farming gold. Especially if you have one of the 500 gem armors. I’m a pvp fan far more than arena. Just don’t enjoy the mechanics of it. All depends on what you like to play. Pvp gives glory but the other option is treasure maps for that. One thing that gets repeated regardless of the platform is play the way that is most fun for you. I play my way but that does not mean it’s the best way for everyone. To each his/her own. The game’s enjoyment will never diminish once you find what works for you. :smile:

This has been a flaw with the defend system forever. No clue if PS4/XBox has it yet, but PC/Mobile did get a slight buff to AI defend wins recently. Since you guys probably still pay full price for PvP and only 50 gold for defends, it would be better to have a horrible defend team. The people you see with good defend teams are likely:

  • High leveled guilds trying to slow down lower leveled guild trophy gains.
  • Higher leveled players that profit more from good defend due to getting invaded more (the top 1% or so of levels tend to get invaded a lot more due to the game’s win streak algorithm)
  • People who value their kingdom gold gains.
  • People that don’t understand that setting a bad defend team is good.
  • People, like me, that refuse to set a bad defend team in a broken system. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem on the console versions is we can only get 3 defense defeats before you can no longer be invaded. You have to clear them before you can get attacked again, or wait 24 hours and they get “replaced”.

So on console, it’s better to have a good defense Team up so we can hope to accumulate wins before 3 defeats happens.

I believe you can still be invaded after 3 loses, but loses no longer steal gold unless the 24 hour period expires.

If nothing is taken, how do we even know we are being invaded?

On your version, how many defeats can you “save up”?

3, but defeats can exceed 3. The exceeding defeats don’t count unless done after the 24 hours or one of the 3 gold stolen ones are redeemed. People that are level 1,000 can have numbers like 37 - 15 win/lose, but most non-level 1,000s like myself will see things like 7 - 3. I’m not fully sure how the full system works for it seems to change every couple of months in some way.

I’m pretty sure the same person can keep invading you for gold within that 24. I’ve had some runs with a good amount of repeats.

Less EXP and souls for starters. Not to mention you won’t get anything out of your defense rewards provided you can actually make a team that the AI can use well enough.
I’m just more annoyed that i often get pair up with people that are using 3-4 super great legendary troops while i can’t even get any but at least my rares make those fights easier.

I believe the build of
is still very effective on the current version of PS4/XBox. Unless you guys got Green Slime, in which case welcome to skull meta. :stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t have Green Slime yet.

I used a line-up early on that now is just for Soul-farming;

Panther Guard

Now that I pulled some more Legendaries, my Team is more structured but I definitely already am part of the “Skull meta”;

Gloom Leaf
Keeper of Souls

I really want a Sheggra or Carnax to “complete” my theme, I was even going to experiment with the new Barbearius replacing Gloom Leaf, but 505Games screwed up another Troop release.