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Goblins invasion

Today i did 25 fight and 24 fight was against goblins seriously? I don’t know what the big deal with this team but i would like to kill something else it’s really annoying to play again them.

Not because they are hard, they are really easy to kill. But playing against same teams over and over is not much fun.

I tried to change my team and i can’t get anything else then these damn goblins. Come on guys try to use your imagination and put something else, you might finish the day with more wins.

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Goblins are awesome lol!! But yea everyone plays them or mostly new lower level players do. I’m new to the game so I’m still building better teams but unfortunately my best team is my goblin team

Yeah i understand for the new players it’s THE TEAM since all card are easy to get but im level 700 something i should see more team then this…

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True, nice level!! Congrats

Ty lol that’s a lot of gaming :slight_smile:

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Nobody is forcing you to pick the Hard battles. Change it up for yourself if you find yourself getting bored.

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I tried to pay 10 gold to switch players always the same and we currently don’t have the choice of easy medium and hard on console


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Ah, right, Console. Well, at least it’s still 10 gold for you, and not 1 gem.

I sometimes burned through 200 gold in order to not burn out on same-y fights. I agree that it’s not ideal, but I think whacking at goblins would just see a different low-cost meta emerge.

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Ouch 1 gem to switch team, that suck


A lot of the great cards pc has, are making their way to console now. So we should start seeing a lot of different teams now. Honestly it isn’t as big a problem on pc anymore.

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