Goblins like whoa!


You really figure out what guilds don’t like you when you get bombarded with the goblins from hell, this almost reminds me of Vjm days from a while back.

My only losses seem to come from these little mean machines, I fired off Infernus today and it was over.

What does anybody think about a limit on extra turns because the things Bariey take much to get mana and it’s over.

I haven’t made a thread in a while so I just want to see. How othere people feel about this.

Im not asking for a nerf, I just want more skill put back into the game. Now that I can’t trust exploders anymore along with the rest of the gem transformers.

A whole perfect GW week ruined because of one move

Might be lucky but every time i fight them in GW i never been looped like vjm


Yes!!! My most brutal gw loss since being in bracket one. Psion/rag/famine/infernus i can accept better…but these annoying little buggers just grate on my last nerve. Even with mab they got me that day, blue day, tuesday? They almost got me again today. Wasn’t even expecting them on yellow day. It’s always the same old team too, at least for me. Definitely no points for originality.


How dare those stinky vermin kill you dead? I say, nerf them like they did with Fizzbang.


Yeah, I always put up that annoying Goblin team for defense on a non blue or purple day to make sure that the invader has to at least think about whether they want to use Mab for the easy win or run the risk of getting Goblin’d. I usually sacrifice the points and use a double-mab team against them, though sometimes I’ll take a chance with my 4x color team if I’m feeling lucky.

I don’t find them any worse than the beast, dwarf or dragon teams, though. I even had a Justice league go off on me on Tuesday for an unexpected loss.


If it wasn’t so early and I wasn’t so pissed I could have recorded and added video, but it went from smooth to hell real quick all after I fired Infernus off.

Makes I think, what can I do next time to stop that from happening again.


We are on ps4 Ricky or else it would be great to fight u in wars bracket 1.


I have a clip of the Nobend Brothers and Princess Fizzbang exploding 12 times in a row. Just a wee bit absurd.


Mainly because they wouldn’t do that for you, only for AI. But then even the Justice League wouldn’t loop for you the same way those ladies do in defence.


Yellow day?
Gob chompers are your friends on yellow or brown days against them, I can’t believe anyone sets gobbos on those days as defence :+1:
I personally use 3 chompers & a scorpius if that helps


My guildmate tried rhat yesterday, out of 5 gob chomped fires he devoured none. All depends on how much the ai likes you that match.


That’s why I stick scorpius in last just for extra damage, had the same happen to me with kraken on a different day - 6 casts no devour


I think we turned into public enemy number 1, 3 out of 5 paragons this week gave us the gobs.

Coincidence or just a mutual hatred?


Coincidence I reckon, don’t do yourself an injustice.
It’s because the little bar stewards are capable of destroying anyone if they feel like it :+1:


I don’t know what you’re suggesting regarding the ‘what guilds don’t like you’ part. That’s unnecessary imo.


It’s certainly not Gra he’s on about, we had you & your naughty paragon :rofl:


Chill out dan, we didn’t fight u this week.

Oh you mean last Sunday, yeah we were hated that day too lol.


I can’t call out guild names but the three that set it are our top rivals.

We lost yesterday by 400 points, wars are getting very close now a days.


Yup, that’s the day I was referring to.


We lost to phreex by 800 points or so. Very annoying.