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Rant time. Come on people!

/rant mode on

So is there anybody left in this game who is confident enough to build and experiment with different troops and teams? All I’m seeing is the same boring defense teams over and over - wisp/Krys justice/mab troll/Kraken. Ad nuseum. I’m taking PVP here, not GW.

Are you really so desperate for a pitiful defense win that you NEED to field this optimised boring crud ? I’d love to be able to play 3 trophy matches, but there is such little variety in them. It’s a big yawn.

Even so called ‘top players’ in top guilds field the same unoriginal crud like every other player. Why don’t you step up and start experimenting? Start taking some risks? Be original and earn some respect.

If you field the usual boring defense teams, you are:

  1. unoriginal
  2. un-creative
  3. non risk taking
  4. probably boring in bed

/rant mode off


My defend team is pretty boring and easy but at least it isn’t the Wisp, Kraken or Psion crap


  1. indifferent about my defense team or the whole system

I usally change only when there is a special event to help others to farm the good troops (aside the Goblin week…).

I’m not interested to put an annoying defense team just to gain some rewards… but we cannot deny that devs desgined the defense system like that…
Poor choice but is there really a better solution? Dungeon has some nice teams (in terms of synergy) but end-gamers can easily win… so it seems that a non-META teams will make the game too much easier (not for me :stuck_out_tongue: ).


my defend is and will always be 4x rhynax :sunglasses:


Your OP is amusing if misdirected… it’s such a minute fraction of the player-base reading this…

I set my defence to Goblins when it was the hunt Goblins event… and now can’t be bothered changing it because the team search UI is so clunky…

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i don’t know the right word, but this post make me want to set up the “boring” team just to piss you off.
unless that was your goal all along, to have everyone use the same fun-killing team, enough to make it a problem that touch the game pocket, just to push dev into fixing/containing the problem faster.

I’m finding matches just about… varied… enough… here’s a chart of my last 50 2-trophy and 3-trophy matches…

Seems a fair spread between usually 4-6 meta teams… which is what it was feeling like… except that Mab is everywhere now… and a competitor with Psion and Famine for the suck all the fun from the game award…

pvp opps 2017_09_20

Sorry if the percentage text is a little small…


could you please include a % for “teams that dont contain any of the other options” listed?


  • one of my two trophy draws was a random team not including any of the listed troops
  • none of my three trophy draws was anything else

Great Maw, Draakulis, Kerberos I put on for completeness but the draws were so low I could exclude those…

I was surprised to see EK appearing in my draws as much as Psion/Famine…

Dragons is higher this week because of the event and stat gain I guess… (when it was just a Nax included with Wisps, I haven’t counted that as a ‘dragons’ team)

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mab has been the main supplement for goblins, kraken-trolls and wisps team. since the no skull baiting ai, i notice mab cast her spell more often now with deadly result. i guess that make her very popular in addition to the freeze.

The “deadly result” likely has something to do with Impervious troops taking damage from her spell.


Personally speaking it really irks me to see various gl and supposedly good players using boring unimaginative defence teams. Imo it sets a poor example to the guild and shows weak thinking.
If I’m not running event defence to help people I’ll try to make something more entertaining. Some of the recent builds were…
King highforge
King highforge

Forest troll

Forest troll
Queen aurora

(awesome fun and absolutely brutal on offence, please try it)

And for guild wars I’ve been using a combination of the triple damage dealers, gnoll, savage hunter etc, with a generator and one of the guild wars troops.
Special mention to @Graeme for being similarly imaginative. The best guild on the ps4 imo.

I do this.

I’m so done with this game, since the IA buff it has became so unfun to play this is getting ridiculous.

Also we are still waiting for a nerf / rebalance of mana drain since ages, the wisps are overpowered, jumble + double charm + extra turn? Are you for real?

I have a path of glory sub going on for 7 more days then I’m out. I’ll see in a couple of years if you have fixed the game issues, if teh game is still alive by then that is…

That is sad because it used to be a very fun game to play, it has become a chore since the recent “patches”.


Good to see my defence, which is running at a 50% wins, doesn’t contain any of those troops. :wink:

Some would say any defence team with multiple copies of the same troops is the definition of ‘unimaginative’…

I’ve also found, when I tried some specific colour counter defence teams, that these weren’t as effective as a ‘normal’ team. Perhaps, because in the bracket(4-6) I play in players aren’t invading a lot with full colours? Or these teams I made just were crap… :thinking::wink:

Yes, one of those is unimaginative, troll and kraken, it was getting a lot of defence wins so I kept it for a full week. The dwarves are pretty tough to beat too. Next week I’ll think up something else.

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I ran Centuars for a bit last week, was surprised at the results they got. :grin:

That’s because a couple of them do direct skull damage almost all of the time, artema and orion, plus Oracle class with staff of visions and astral spirit was my pvp team all week, it was awesome.

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I don’t even know why ppl set ‘annoying’ defense troops anyway… on top the usual ones that you see so often that you’re fed up of them. I want a penalty system that weakens overused troops in def… in the way that their traits get disabled… all of them! (Exceptions could be pvp event weeks, but I wouldn’t care if not.)

In this game one is dependent on other players (if you like to pvp) and boring them to death or frustrating them (I hate Mab on def) out of the game will only sabotage oneself in the long run.

Except for one testing week I haven’t ever set up any of the above listed troops as def.
I also am sick of seeing the same faces circle again and again, so I won’t put those troops to bore other players as well. I want others to have fun too.

Atm I’ve a Stryx team as def.

For GW def I use a mixed dragon team though. No Krys though.

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