Goblageddon (quite scary)

Look at this lot - inc ‘common’ goblin at 66 arm/life !

And yes…my trusty dragons kicked their little green bottoms :smile:

Which difficulty?

Either normal or hard, I just found the same team.

Happend the same to me today I did won with my dragons too, but it was quite hard. Just the right amount of hardiness tho. A really good team overall.

Normal difficulty !

I met such team with all mystics and all traits…

And yeah, that is what happens with the careful base card design that follows strict “budget” to balance spell cost/power with other attributes – and then put it into environment that adds close to +20/+25/+20 in bonuses from various sources.


Agreed… Sadly…

Right now I found rather simple solution for myself
Vip 3 → Free Scouting → Check the team → Reroll

But I totally agree, the old Balance is gone.
Let’s give the devs time to get a new one…

(I bet “Goblin Nerf” is coming soon)

…and overdue in my view… or buff everything else and add enough varied troops to make it comparable…


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Honestly, thanks to the introduction of traits, I’ve found goblins to be less menacing.

All those goblins appear to be about 3 hits on average thanks to troop ascension making it easier to obtain 20+ Attack.

Now if I was facing that sorta team back when I was level 200 right out the starting gate, then I’d’ve backed the Tartarus out of there! Honestly the biggest issue I’ve heard from this update – aside from currency distribution or cookie levels of clicking – is match making.

Maybe throw in a filter option in the menu. “Invasions within 50-100 levels of your own.” Bam! Plenty of opponent’s, allow players to still fight level 1000 when level 200 yourself, everyone wins! (Except for people still calling for economic or finger-cramp fixes, in due time my children.)

Same old same old put downs instead of thinking… I have no trouble beating them, I am just tired of seeing them in more than half my matches… and by any measures they are stronger than most supposedly equivalent troops…

If you have anything meaningful to add to the debate please generate a meme image for that instead…


I’m with @Jainus on this one. Tired of seeing these gobbies. I prefer to use my ‘goblin bonker’ weapon on gobby teams (seems right somehow) but it doesn’t have enough wellie (30) to compete with the very highly traited ones so I have to resort to dragons - ergo - tiring of using my dragons !

So you have no trouble at all beating the teams,you are just tired of them being popular?Ive actually been seeing more diverse teams since the patch,and if you have vip 3 i think it is you can instantly see what you are facing.

I hoped that would be the case, and it might be when things calm down / people unlock enough troops etc (in many months’ time)… but pound for pound those gobbos have always been unusually strong and unusually well set to combo together… and since 108 hit I have been tracking how many I fight… roughly 55% of battles vs goblins, 25% vs dragons, only leaves 20% to be different and interesting…

I don’t think goblins are broken (else I’d be sharpening the nerfblade now), but they are a little perfect Gobstorm of things together:

  • decent abilities which are undercosted for mana
  • combine board control with plentiful extra turns
  • get a decent colour spread
  • can get good type and kingdom bonuses both at once

I actually don’t think their traits are that great - but the hyped up stats from ascending/levelling to twenty are making them get a bit out of control…

To me the ideal solution has three parts:

  • minor nerfing on the goblin troops to bring their spells in line with everything else comparable, in particular recognising that an extra turn is worth at least 4-5 mana on top of the rest in assessing the spell cost
  • adding far wider range of effective troops across all other types and kingdoms, so that more than just marauders and dragons (and possibly wildfolk, at a pinch) are viable teams to get the above listed benefits
  • far wider re-balancing of all stat gains from levelling and ascending to keep weaker troops proportionately weaker, and make spells work better

PS - well done @sethrogensbackhair for not biting on my last post which I guess was a bit unfriendly… sorry!

55%?ouch,i’ve been getting about 50% random mix of legendaries lately.And for some reason past couple days match making has been giving me 25% of the same guy with no defend team…so thats some quick gold atleast xD All good points though!

at the ps -no problem, just get out there and crush some goblins :grin:

why is no one using a fully traited out frenzy/regen team on defense? It gets stronger the more it gets hurt and it heals the damage you do to it

Probably because either (1) no one found it in the sea of new traits to explore or (2) no one has the resources to unlock it all…

i thought it would be good as a defense team as you experience it when you do the first broken spire challenge.

I did the challenges so long ago… I have no memory of this place…

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