Breaking News: Shocking Goblageddon Scandal!


In the following exposé, I refuse to even mention the name of the player. It is just too horrible. Brace yourselves.

My readers, you all remember the level 1000 player that broke the Goblageddon news that Krystara was under attack by a roving band of bilious, overpowered (possibly dubstepping) Goblins.

Their mocking laughter has filled the lands (and the forums) with copious amounts of unprecedented nerd RAGE. Rage, I tell you!

Well, what do you think? I have incontrovertible evidence that the player that originally broke the story is now a perfidious, treacherous Goblin-loving sell out!!!1!


His pure, pristine, and holy Dragon troop has been replaced with a band of ruffians LED by a blackhearted, thrill seeking Hobgoblin!!1!! A freaking Hobgoblin is now leading his defense team!!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

We want answers. The people demand TABLEFLIPPING justice.

Is this an extreme example of the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality? Are we all going to be running poltroonish Goblin defenders? Am I?


Mortals should not involve themselves in the whims of topped players!

But honestly, it’s not me! :stuck_out_tongue:


…and did you beat HER team ?
The team that was set up to show that those hobblygobblys can and will be beaten - that the Imps are…whimps…and if you did not beat them to a colourful pulp with your skellie team then…shame on you !


It certainly isn’t me either but I am guilty of switching positions on goblins. Before I had the resources and the cards I was forced to accept the painful defeat that was to come at the hand of those green little menaces. But… I have since put together a goblin invade team after my crying about the losses before on other threads. My defend team is NOT gobbie but I like the wins and the gold on my invades.

Will that change? Of course. But I only have 3 or 4 legendary’s and need to wait for the right chest to feel sorry for me and start filling up my deck. I do have other powerful cards but no resources to trick them out.

I am so sorry. :blush:

And @esslee is right . . . hope you beat that team to dust. Lol.


It is supposed to be a deliberately weak team to help lower level players and judging by my pvp defense list most players do succeed. I have now changed out the hobbly red/green for something in the same colours even more easier to beat.
ps Also I have never and would never put a dragon troop in defense :stuck_out_tongue:


@esslee. I fought your team a couple of times today, and I wouldn’t describe it as weak!



[quote=“esslee, post:3, topic:2553, full:true”]
…and did you beat HER team ?[/quote]

On the topic of sex: Although this reporter knew the true gender of the newly minted seditionist, Goblin-loving, Benedict Arnold—she…woops…I mean, “who”, will remain nameless–I chose to be coy and subscribe to the traditional use of “he, him, his” for the grammatically gender-neutral pronoun. A good reporter always tries to hide the identity of malfeasants and villains when breaking a story. You live longer that way. :innocent:

On the topic of battle outcome: My Electric Khetar team, plus a little luck, did just manage to pull off a win on that one, albeit a bit bloodied. And my use of Khetarians goes way back before people started dusting them off due to the latest updates. Nevertheless, I do not like doubling up troops, so you won’t catch me running multiple skellies in spite of the current power creep. This type of lawless doubling is not half as bad as using Goblins, but it is still only employed by scruffy-looking nerfherders (who shall remain nameless).

At the very least, you will never ever catch me using a Goblin in battle because… [cue dramatic music] I, for one, subscribe to the true and right principles laid out in the glorious Goblageddon manifesto. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


You’d need to put Zephyros in to really do justice to that pun… though obviously it wouldn’t work so well as a team… but. hey… reasons…


Good point about Zephyros doing that name justice. That would make more sense in one way, to be sure.

And perhaps it is not as neat as that would be, but I chose the name not as something relating to electricity, but as something exciting or thrilling. Since I find Khetar very dynamic, I went with the name.

But then again, as I have said previously, I spend a lot of time rocking down to Electric Avenue and taking it higher on my way down to Funkytown. :guitar: