Good job now the meta is more Goblins


Lots of nerfs on everything else so more peeps use gobbies. Makes the game real boring


They nerfed goblin’s team synergy but also gave king goblin (a goblin that defense teams do not use) a buff. now instead of +10 they only get +4 to their stats and the +10 to stats has been given to another team. Even if people continue to use goblins the team should be much weaker.


Goblins have so many counters right now.

  • Gob-Chomper
  • Freeze
  • Dark Song, Brian the Lucky, Raven, etc.
  • Devour
  • Disease
  • Silence
  • Entangle
  • Skulls


I never said Im having trouble with goblins, just boring seeing team after team of goblins. Seems that after all the glade warden defense teams got nerfed they put up gobbies.

I guess I really hate all goblin teams as they take so much longer due to extra turns and animations.

Just seems like with all the nerfs/balances that were made, gobbies should have had more of a balance than the token reduction.


I saw way less gobs and more dragons of all kinds.

The new dream/pushover team is the old centaur/skel thingy, guess many people are not around do switch. :wink:


see tons more goblin teams. and agree very boring same thing over and over. even though I can smash most with traited chompers


Wait until you see 3/4 Celestria teams, you will be begging for Goblins :stuck_out_tongue:



Goblins with 25 attack damage after 19 Boar Rider lanedestruckion with free turn for 9 mana against the first troop is just too cheap and even the bad KI cant mess this up.

I think a fair fix would be all goblin mana cost increased by 2 mana.
It would decrease the turn after turn spam, Goblin Shaman would still give two free turns but not three and even lowlevel players would not get shafted because the racial and class boni also exist there.


Yeah, was just fighting 3 celestia + sheggra team all traits. The last remaining cel had over 500 life. Too bad we don’t have that after-game summary page with turns, time, mana colleciton and such, would have saved the snapshot.


Sure but how many people are going to have 3 Celestrias plus a sheggra/bone drag/other OP card. Goblins are cheap and everybody has 'em.

Easy fix, I now skip every all gobby team unless they have a ton of gold for me to take, then its worth all the dumb extra turns.


I just use my own goblin team against AI goblin teams, problem solved :slight_smile:


I’m sick of skipping goblin teams in PVP and Revenge. My three teas are woefully ineffective. I did spend an hour clutching to life, but I can never beat them. Someone suggest a team or two and I will start leveling it up.


Now that Aziris stays lit if there are 10 or more purple gems on the board it is possible to win without even casting a single troop other than Aziris if you get lucky. Also, if staying lit you can ‘dab’ skulls on to the board! Although I use Gob Chomps in my team I rarely try to get him to eat the enemy, I field him for his double hit against mauraders. Raven also has this first trait if you do not have a chomper.
Gob Chomp *** (tho not necessarily traited)
Boar Rider
Star Gazer *** (need to have 3rd trait 'empowered)

Try to cast Star first on gob chomp - then you will have
65-70 skull strike power. Use boar rider to manipulate the board. Use Aziris to join up those skulls.

Goodbye gobblies :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I am lev 1000 and gobbies used to get right on my nerves. Now I think - oh gobbies…easy money :smile:


Goblins are so easy to beat that I love fighting them.

giant spider
skeleton darksong


hero with goblin smasher
giant spider

so many options.


Setups without Valkyrie for 100 souls per match are no option for me.

Knight Coronet / Griffon Knight
Chromatic Orb / Alchemist (2nd position before Valk)

Useful against Goblins but still is 25 atk / 19 direct dmg + turn keeping too much


I use Goblins because i enjoy using Rocket Gob for board manipulation, makes the game feel tactical. However, it’s not my defending team which is a Hero led Purple/Skull spammer, which gets beat consistently so i get Defense battles.


Necromancer class this event will be decent at doing that too. 36 4x and 5x would be max souls, or 23 with a 50% soul troop.


point of original poster was not how easy they are to beat. (really not hard) but that everyone seems to play them and same fight over and over is “boring”. and I Totally agree with that to


Protip: The counter for Celestias is devour. Not a ton of options to go with, but kerberos, manacles, giant spider, valkyrie might be a good starting point. Haven’t tried that team yet.

If we ever get arcane mountains for sale, great maw’s third trait + skull makers will be the bees’ knees when dealing with multi celestias.


be bee’s Knees team for almost anything devour the one time with trait to devour on skulls. skull creater after that will be a lot like true shot team pre patch - wrecking ball.

except you have to fill the Maw with lots of mana for initial cast