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Most Terrifying Deck (Screenshots + Explanations)

Basically what is the most terrifying deck setup that you can make or would be like “Oh yeah, I’m screwed”?

First upload a screenshot of the deck, mention their abilities & the traits they have unlocked, and how well they work together.
One upload per player, you don’t have to show off your best deck, but if it fits “terrifying” then show them off.

Have fun, feel free to brag if you want.

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Sees goblins. Clicks “Try Another”.


I always fight goblins, it may take a little more time but in general most of the team I use at the level I use them beat most things. The fun/annoying thing about fighting goblins is even with a solid team they can just sometimes run good and surprise you :slight_smile:

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To clarify my previous post. Since fully traiting Gorgotha I setup what I call my main team of Gorgotha***, Infernal King*, Mercy***, Sheggra*. With this set I started the week with my usual run to rank 1 and by the end of that I had noticed I had not lost a single troop in any fight. This was the case for 3 days solid. Every fight a win and not a single troop lost. On day 4 I came up against the myth goblin team that I had beat several times already, but in this one match with a run of rockets, boars and shaman refills they just managed to damage my Gorgotha faster than I could heal. So for the first time I lost a troop. I still won the match and even till now I have still not lost a battle with this line up. I have actually lost Gorgotha in one other battle but it is pretty much a solid no lose team and I do not even scout.

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Fully traited dragon defence team (bone dragon, celestia, venoxia, sheggra).

It’s beatable, but it takes ages and can wipe out most teams I’ve run if it gets lucky - which it does a lot because I CAN NO LONGER TURN COMBO BREAKER OFF.

Not crying for nerfs. But this is the team I just go “bleh, skip” to most often. I just CBF dealing with it.

I do not fear the goblins, TBH I don’t feel like they deserved the nerf they are getting. Similarly I don’t worry about stoneskin and Gorgitha defence teams as I run a combination of spell and skull damage.

Great Maw + Mercy, if they are lucky enough, you might just never have a chance to counter play…

If there are Shaman Gobs, kill them first. The regular Gob always attacks at random, usually can take them out last. The Boar rider always hits the top card, hardly a threat.
The real threatening cards in terms of Goblins are: Rockets (can attack 3+ cards), Shamans (mana surges all gobs), Hob Goblin (attacks 2 random cards), and Goblin Kings (HP buffs gobs and summons Gobs - can easily be a problem if it uses its ability more than 3 times without being hit once). The others are easy to deal with.

There are crappy team setups for Gobs too, like 2 Shamans & 2 Boar Riders (thats laughably easy), but only reason to skip is if you know for sure you’re not gonna win. If there’s 2 Shaman Gobs, then there’s a pretty high chance of beating them.

The only Troop that makes me cringe is The Silent One. It does nothing but make the match take twice as long.

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I bet he’s under the Top 3 of the most annoying Troops ever. Possibly “The annoying One” :smile:


Allow me to disagree with you. The random targeting on most goblins’ spells is actually a very good thing, as it allows you to absorb more damage without losing a troop. Just the fact that Boar Rider always hits the same troop already makes it the bigger threat of the bunch, even before you add to that the fact that he often follows with a skull match (which hits the same troop again).


Saw Tacet’s team full of Mythics
Clicked on Try Another five times just to be sure that i’ve lost him… :fearful:


That’s no fair. That is essentially any possible team I can make. I only have 11 troops that aren’t mythic. :frowning:

Great Maw teams are the only ones I tend to skip anymore, after having one devour three of my troops in a single turn.

While I have a great dislike facing fully traited dragons (bone dragon freeze in specific) what terrifies me most isn’t the deck… it is when a random opponent gets a sequence of 5+ skull matches dealing over 80 damage in a single turn.

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Also, rarity and Ascension don’t really make the Troop powerful on it’s own. A Mythic Peasant still is a Peasant.

I used to always target Boar Rider 1st. While Shaman is a pain it is a lot less toothless without his Boar partner :slight_smile:

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I tend to target Boar Rider first most of the time as well.

I have my fave 2 teams that have a good shot of taking out anything (I never skip matches and only lose 1 out of every 40+ played and I get free scouting so no excuses not to skip) so what I fear most is actually getting into any PVP match while still on Warlord IV from playing challenges the night before.
It usually doesn’t end well for me using Cresendo but on Wednesday it happened against mythic goblins and Jarl and 3 goblin rockets fully traited (before the cost increase) got a 1st turn red 5of a kind (using a Red/Red banner (proud I think) got there on the very same turn, 6 minuets in, RNGesus blessed me and Jarl either refilled every move or cleaver Rocket tricks got him there.
This was a one time thing though and I’ve never won any other Warlord IV PVP match

One lil thing to try out - Wipe out all Gobs, but leave the Gob Shaman alone. Have Tyri in the deck and pretty much you’ll have a defenseless deck to beat & the entire board can be taken over by just Tyri.

The Easiest Counter to enemies that can’t attack other cards an is restricted to top down or bottom up cards (Worm always attacks bottom up, Golgotha & Evolved and Boar Rider always attacks top down): Cards that summon other cards.
Dark Master summons the Slave Card - Boar Rider can attack that card all it likes, it dies, I’ll just summon another to replace it.
Same with Orc Shaman who summons undead while buffing himself, Even the Gob King can make the Boar Rider seem helpless & easy to deal with.