Defender Suggestion


Ok, this might be just me asking or requesting about this. But here goes.

I played the game wrong from the very first moment (silly, I know). Only at level 131 realized that every time I get invaded, it was my attacking Troops that defended it.

Here’s the thought: Would it not make Invading and defending much more of a role if every kingdom/city/region used the troops that was placed there to defend that kingdom? Meaning that leveling troops would mean more because you do not want level 5 troops defending your kingdom. That would make grinding (to me, anyways) much less of a chore since there will be a reason to level ALL the troops and not just focusing on the one’e I would use to attack/invade with.

Just a thought. Praying that the list-of-three defenders will get, mmmm, maybe ten slots instead of just 3. It would give the game a more PvP feel.

BUT, thanx for the best game I have played in a long while. Keep up the great work !!


Wait… I thought the defender team is whatever you assigned in the defender option of capital city? You know… Pick your target team and hit that big DEFEND button.

Or is that not how it works? Can someone official please clarify this for us?


@ctu1208 : That’s exactly the way it works, don’t worry. :smile:
I’m not sure I understand the suggestion though. I might be slow tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, sorry, I might have worded it wrong. But, as I understood it initially, every time someone invades you, they fight against the team that you placed in that kingdom as defenders.

BUT the other day someone on the forum had a thread where one of the points was that the team that the banners is for you to choose an team to invade with. And the team that you place in your home kingdom, will be the one that defends against invaders.

I thought that the whole map was your kingdom and your “home kingdom” was where your “base” was.

Please can someone just verify this. I have read the guide but obviously I understood/understands it wrong.



The fault then lies with me.

I thought when ypu press the defend button, it represents all the cities/kingdoms.

My bad.

Thanx and sorry for the confusion :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, every kingdom you bought is yours, so if you bought them all, I suppose you can indeed say that the whole world is your kingdom. ^^
Then you have to choose a “home kingdom”, as you say, which gives you a mana bonus on your matches.
The way defending works is pretty straightforward though. Go to your home kingdom, click on the Defenders icon, create a team and tada! you’re set. No matter who invades you, they’ll always fight against the Defender team you set up on your home kingdom. Even if your invader doesn’t have the same home kingdom as you do, they’ll always go against the team you have set up. That’s it. You don’t need several defending teams, and if you change your invading team a hundred times, it won’t affect your defenders either.
I hope I made it clearer, but let me know if my explanations made it even more confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Archenassa - that makes sense now. Just played until level 131 thinking otherwise.


Glad to help!
Also I should add that when you change your home kingdom, you might check on your Defenders, because sometimes the game change your banner for some unknown reason when you switch homes. (I blame the cheeky goblins.I always do.) It usually stays the same, but you might just check to make sure.


Mmmm, good suggestion Archenassa - love those pesky Goblins "). Reminds me of Gremlins.