Team Saving System

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Just wanted to share a thought I’ve had for a while, which is to be able to save x number of pre-determined teams rather than one per banner. The reason I’m bringing this up is that I tend to switch my invading team around a lot, since repetition bores me, and I’m often annoyed because I don’t start off with a banner. What usually happens is that I’d want to use a specific troop (say, the Autumnal Imp), then create a set-up around said troop. In most cases (well, not for the imp, obviously), I start creating my team under that troop banner. But after switching around several times (yay indecision ^_^), I often end up needing to change banner anyway (either because the starting troop in question has a useless banner, or because I’m ending up using two troops from another kingdom which could both benefit from their home banner). So I have to start over the team building under that new banner. It’s not a big deal in and of itself, it’s a minor inconvenience that I’d be happy to see changed. The idea would be to keep the team building system that exists, but instead of doing it per banner, it would just be numbered (“team 1”, “team 2”, etc., maybe with the ability to rename them? like “farming team”, “invading team”, “crazy experiment”, “explosive trap”…), and the banner would be added at the end of the team building. Just a thought? :blush:

*I need to learn how to make long titles, every single time I have to rewrite it :pensive: *

Hear hear. And like I said in another thread, I find this whole banner and kingdom thing utterly confusing. Which banner gives what bonus, aside form the bonus that a kingdom gives when it’s completely levelled up. And so on.

I agree, especially since there are few banners whose symbols I immediately recognized, which means I always need to check all of them to find the one I need. :expressionless:

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I think this UI side of it is likely to get a big overhaul soon…

I think you will enjoy 1.0.7 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure I will. :smile_cat:

Here I was about to reply and a portion of a screenshot accidentally slipped into my response…


It’s… it’s beautiful… :cry:

Promising! :smiley:

I am very hyped about this! :slight_smile:

Yes, this is lovely