Team builder streamlining


Hi guys,

I’ve been using the same team composition for a while now 1. Lady Sapphira, 2. Moloch, 3. Hero with Phoenix Crossbow, and 4. Poison Master. The units have good synergy but I decided I wanted something different so I started experimenting with new team formats. Along the way I began to find the process of chopping and changing troops somewhat tedious and this inspired the following ideas.

Firstly a small change, perhaps not automatically moving troops up in the line when a higher priority unit is removed. Sometimes I just want to change out my number one without having to remove all troops and then put them all back in again. Even just adding a “Change” function as opposed to having only a “Remove” function would solve this problem.

Secondly, it’s a bit tiresome having to scroll through the troop list all the time to find what you’re looking for, especially when you’re not as familiar with all the troops and their abilities. In creating a new team it would be invaluable to have some sort of filters to help find what you want. You could select troops by mana type or by ability type; Buffs, debuffs, heals, gem add/removal, gem destruction, damage type (eg. poison, true, random, area, standard…) etc, etc. Of course you wouldn’t want too many filter types but having some or all of the suggested would make team building a much more enjoyable activity. Also, this may be an obvious statement, but being able to have more than one filter active at a time is very desirable.

I thoroughly enjoy Gems of War and I would love to see this aspect of the game made a little more user friendly. I hope some of you agree.




Just an FYI: You can swap unit positions in your lineup by click and dragging one on top of the other.


Thanks for that, I had no idea. In that case you can ignore my first suggestion.


One of the players made a spreadsheet database with all troops and their abilities, mana colours etc. you can sort and filter everything. I’m sure someone can provide the link here.


i had no idea until i was like lvl 100 — my son said… why are you doing that mom… you can just click and drag (he had been playing on my account and is 7) - dont feel silly :slight_smile:


Thanks for the thoughts, will pass it along! Yeah as mentioned, you can do some re-arranging on the fly :slight_smile:


I also find the chopping and changing troops a hassle sometimes (just sometimes :P)

How about a Barracks or troop list ingame that one can sort, maybe in level, mana, ect, ect?