Request from new forum member

Hi all,

First let me introduce myself!
My name is Steebles and i have been playing gems of war for 2 months or so
While that may sound rather new, im so addicted to this game that i’m almost level 600 already
I’m having a blast playing this game, and i’ve read the Forums many many many times
But today is the day i’m actually ready (and feel confident enough) to join this community. :slight_smile:

To kick things of, i have a small request
In several games that i’ve played in the past that require a certain “team-building insight” i’ve always found myself somehwta of a theory-crafter. Wether it be in Magic-The-Gathering or the online competitive scene of Pokemon games. Luckily, my passion of theory-crafting can also be used in this game, and as far as i can tell i’ve created a decent (but mostly fun!) team for myself.

Here’s the problem: I don’t have all the troops to make this theory team actually work…

Are there any people interesting in trying a fun team and testing it out for me? and give me some feedback on how the team works in actual play?

For the people interested, here’s the build i came up with:
side note, all troops need to be fully traited

Team name: Annoying Orange

  • Jarl Firemantle
  • Summer Imp
  • Goblin Rocket
  • Hero (Warlord) Summer’s Fury

If anyone feels adventorous enough to try this out, i would love you untill all eternity!
And i hope you’ll see alot more of me on the forums :smiley:


Welcome to the community! I’m not promising, but if I get opportunity later when I’m on I may well give it a quick try!

I tried it in pet rescue.
Many unused mana colors. Summer’s fury rarely gets any red mana being at the bottom. Maybe try a different weapon? Still, it is fun when it does work.
Jarl, summer’s imp, and summer’s fury often misfire, leaving lots of 4-matched to the AI. And not often as in sometimes, more like most of the time. It’s fun when it works though.
I had never used summer imp before. After a few yellow matches he does like 100 scatter damage per cast.

I should mention that I was able to complete the pet rescue with this team. Crabbie says thanks

I have always thought that Jarl in theory should be a great troop, but in practice seems to mis-fire a lot leaving matches for opponent.

I was thinking of switching summers fury to first spot and using sunspear class for triple skull damage to buring enemies, plus firestorm and bonus from red mana.

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I’ve never used imps before, but was scrolling through my troops the other day and was thinking of testing Spooky Imp, possibly an underated and overlooked troop.

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Winter Imp is really the killer app for stuff like explore battles. Get an Icestorm going and his damage can wipe opponents out very quickly.

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It seems like the goal of this team can (but will not always) work… And from uou guys told me, it’s very fun, especially when summer imp is rampant.

The fact that you could actually complete the per rescue with it is a win in mh book! I am pleased to a fault.

If anyone has any advice on to change this line up (different weapon or swapping positions) I am open for criticism, so don’t hold back!

On the unused mana point: the thought train was that “annoying orange” should loop on red and yellow mana alone. I do realise that the lack of a great startposition on the board is somewhat of a flaw…

If anyone is still ip for it, more testing and feedback is always welcome and very much appraised!

Thank you guys
I love all of you <3


If you’re looking for a red/yellow loop team, I’d say a skull convert team is the way to go.

Doomed scythe/priest - Divine Ishbaala - Moon rabbit - Grave seer; it would loop everything into oblivion pretty fast and effective.

Or Warden/Anu’s sceptre - Divine Ishbaala - Forest Guardian - Moon rabbit.