Simple Request: Move Teams on your Team Slots List

Perhaps this is a feature somewhere and I’ve just not found it, but it kills me being OCD and having different teams all over the place. Could there be an option to reposition teams we’ve already made (or even haven’t - just team slots in general) without having first clear out the troops from the slot you’re trying to move your team to, and then remaking that team all over again in the new slot?

I’ve had guild members shareplay with me on PS4 and help me make teams, but they end up making them all over, or sometimes I just want to move team slots to different spots for organizational purposes. As I stated, it’s a minor request, but a streamlining one at that.

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You’re not the first to ask for this…

Unfortunately it seems to be very low on this list of the Devs’ priorities…


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A shame. I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one.

Id very much like to see this also. Possiably also a way to jump up and down the list a few teams at a time. On ps4 having to scroll down 30 odd teams trying to find the one Im looking for is annoying. I either scroll to fast and miss it or get annoyed at having to scroll so slowly. If could jump scroll it would be quicker. Not as phased by that as the rearange the order. If could rearange then I’d kniw where a team was and could quick scroll without missing it anyways.

this is an old topic, the feature to rearrange teams was added in the meantime