Something really annoying!

I really don’t know if anyone else gets this, or if it happens to anyone else. I’ll be playing Pvp, and I will be switching teams a lot and taking troops in and our, switching them all around to find the best one and this always happens to me when I mess with a team and select it for pvp, but the “Team” I was messing with and selected has now ended up as my “Defense” team and it’s very very very annoying to continue to keep having to change this. I don’t know if it’s a bug, but this is pretty damn annoying!

This will always happen if you change your teams in the pvp screen. If you change them in the troops screen, it won’t.

Well, that’s still annoying D: Thanks!

Actually, my defense team has been changing without me touching me invade teams. I check it every 5 matches and about half the time, it has changed.

The team changing thing has gotten 1000 times worse with 3.0. Changes in the Troop tab aren’t saving, defense team is resetting for no reason. They really need to get it sorted out before GW.

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It happens when you change your banner while in pvp selection. You are welcome.

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It happens when I don’t change anything. Used the same team 5 matches in a row and my defense changed.

Agreed, I don’t even touch anything sometimes and it changes :frowning: I just change teams.

“If you can’t fight 'em join 'em.”

On console but I chime in. On occasion I find my Defend team gets reset to my first team. Not even doing any editing from PvP listed above… For awhile I made my Defend team the first slot what Gems kept auto switching to. Problem “avoided”.

TL;DR Make your Defend team the same slot Gems auto selects.

As I explained previously, on PC/mobile it usually resets to whatever team you used or edited last so your workaround won’t work.

Mines yet to change unexpectedly so long as I avoid using the edit teams button at all. I’ve used several different teams this week including the one I have out on defense. I wonder what you are doing differently than me?

Same here, it hasnt changed at all, but im not editing my invading team either.

I’ve gone 13 matches now without it changing. I had it change 4 times in 10 matches this morning even though the only thing I did between matches was change teams (without entering the editor).

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We should have a fix for the changing teams bug soon!


Actually, everything works normally when I’m playing Steam PC.
But when I switch to mobile phone, then my team gets changed, so I think this is a platform issue?
By the way, I’m using Apple phone.

Happens for both for me, @Saltypatra thank you! :slight_smile: It’s just a bit annoying

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I’m on Apple iOS as well.

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