Defending Troops


i´m just new in the game, playing about one week, i couldn´t find a topic for my question.
I´ve got a few cities --> one banner for each city.
Do i need a defendig troop for ech banner (i.e. troops of that kingdom)?
Should i have diffrent defending troops or should i take the same for each kingdom?

If somebody have a list for each kingdom whats the best troop combo, that would be great, thanks.

PS: sorry, for my poor english


You mainly want a team that benefits from your kingdoms mana bonus, as for which banner to use, it’s entirely your choice. Matching banners and troops is good, but matching troops to your kingdom does nothing. Also, in case you didn’t know, you’re only defending your home kingdom, and only have one team to defend with.

For a beginners case, just copy your main team to your defending team and go from there I’d recommend.

There’s no correct way to defend a kingdom, I actually like being attacked as it offers more opportunity to earn gold. :moneybag:



Thanks, helps me a lot, allready thought making somthing wrong but seems to be everything fine :grinning: