Defense or lack thereof


High level players with no defense? I.e. One peasant or musketeer is only card. Why is this? Isn’t it just throwing away gold? I don’t mind the free gold, but I was wondering if there was a reason for this.


Losing an AI defend generates more gold than winning. To fight a defend, it only costs 50 instead of half the gold. The stolen gold also gets reimbursed for this “lose” win. It also gives a chance to focus down a specific kingdoms traitstones since all defend battles are at the chosen home kingdom.

The devs have left the game in this condition where losing is better than winning since the game’s creation.


Awesome reply! Thanks for the info. So I guess having no defense is best for all? I’ll switch mine up


Of course, on the other hand, if you set your AI to actually fight, you can now gain 4 souls and 3 glory for a victory… helps if you’re after those more than gold.

I guess the next question is whether you would get more glory by being beaten continuously and getting 1 glory x 12 for instance, rather than having four people NOT run out on you to get the same 12 glory…


Do you know if it’s the same for console. I’m runnin multiple accts


In theory, yes, but if you don’t clear your defends every day you will start losing gold. I believe it is set to a max of 3 every 24 hours, so if those losses aren’t won by then the gold will be lost.


I’m on constantly. I’m always clearing when I get beat. I do need the gold more. I have the team I want, for now. I need to build kingdoms up.


Only if you invade too. If you just leave the game hanging no extra loss. And even the initial loss is minimal if you picked up the gold started invading and leave the first triplet blocking your queue for 24h.


I’m currently not fond of Revenge battles, as you can’t switch opponent! Invading I’ll take on anyone except TrueShot teams (which are too much of a lottery, even on normal they can charge skeleton and clean out half my team with one lucky drop). Defending, as I’m so high level I get invaded by disproportionate number of players with these cheap teams in defence, so revenge battle only costs 50 but has a noticeable chance of losing - waste of time - as @Pasa had remarked elsewhere, may as well toss a coin as fight those battles… Invading I can dodge the cheap TrueShot teams, so I’d rather do that…