AI defend win/lose reward discussion


EDIT: It seems now the rewards for AI defend wins are as follows:

  • A small amount of gold
  • 4 souls (1 per kill)
  • 3 glory
  • Gems occasionally based off of 7x cascades
  • Keys occasionally based off of number of move based matches

On AI defend lose:

  • A very small amount of gold
  • 1 soul per kill
  • 1 glory
  • Gems occasionally based off of 7x cascades
  • Keys occasionally based off of number of move based matches
  • All unclaimed kingdom gold is lost

Thoughts? Enough, or still too low? I’m still leaning towards too low, but would like to hear the community’s input.

Ideas Mentioned:

  • Accumulate trait stones slowly from AI defend wins, just like invasion wins do.
  • Gain all or a portion of the gold an attacker spends for the battle on AI defend win.

(Original Post, which has been fixed some in game:
This has been a problem since day one. It still baffles me that lossing an AI defend is BETTER than winning it. How can you still give 1 glory for a defend win when a lose gives 3? Let alone all other resources for the win are much lower than a lose.)


Oh yes, please please please do this. Its silly. As we’ve said before, we shouldn’t have to ask the question of ‘should I be deliberately losing?’ - not for ANYTHING!


I have won nearly every defend since 1.0.8 went live. No clue why I even use a defend team still aside from slowing down other guilds’ trophies. The accumulated reward for all the wins wasn’t even that of 1 defend lose.


Somebody recently suggested that winning an AI defend should award the gold the attacker had to pay for invading. +1 to that idea.


I made a topic about this issue recently and got no official response. It’s honestly really baffling how they haven’t fixed it yet


+1 on this…


Very much this. (though honestly I abandoned hope in this department a patch ago).


Same here… @Sirrian? @Nimhain? views?


+1 also, would love to know if this is something the devs have looked at or considered.


Speaking of which, I just got a win myself and the glory reward is still only +1, despite invades now giving +3 for a win. I agree completely–this is silly. Putting together a good defense team, especially at lower levels, requires some thought, and even though your rewards are basically free from there on out, the effort ought to be rewarded more than what it is. Otherwise, why not just throw your one, unleveled common troop in a team by himself so you can get plenty of defend battles? Seriously…


I am against any greater reward for defence wins. While it would be nice to have an incentive to build an interesting or challenging defence team, I fear that a better reward will just encourage even more boring, unfun to play against defence teams, like the 3 or 4 Rock Worms I saw so much of last week (yay for 1.0.8 killing this), and the more fun to fight but still ubiquitous Goblin teams.

What I’d like would probably be too difficult to code, but it would be a reward based on the originality of your defence team. Can you make a team that no one else uses but still wins PvP defence?


From the patch notes:

Balance Changes
*Team Bonuses now need unique troops to activate.

Should address some of those boring defense teams you just mentioned.


I am of a torn mind on this issue. Especially right now, when there are so many fighting a steeper uphill battle against newly ascended troops with powerful traits, I think offering a higher incentive to front a strong defense team might really push some over the edge. Loss after loss is frustrating. I am a mid level player, and I’m already noticing a lower win rate, since I don’t have any traits yet and only a few ascended troops (and by that I mean ascended by one level). Making the game challenging is one thing, but to make it more off-putting to lower level players is another.

On the other hand, though, it would be nice to know there is a reason for defense battles at all.

Perhaps the defense battles should be done away with, and instead offer rewards based on how well the AI did on your behalf when others invade you. That way you aren’t spending resources on defends at all (thus removing the cheap defense battle) but still get something in return. However, this solution has its downsides too…

I am not sure what kind of middle ground there is, with the current system as it is.


I’m aware that 1.0.8 has removed the big incentive for some particular boring teams (and I am very happy about it per my original post), but my larger point is that there will always be a flavour-of-the-month defence team and introducing extra rewards for defence wins will encourage more players to use that team (whatever it is) if there’s a perception that it wins more often, rather than choosing a defence team that will be fun to fight against.


But that’s exactly what you would call the Metagame.

If a certain team starts to prevail as “Better win rate”, players will be more likely to use a team that counters it until it’s not a good option anymore.
If there isn’t a team to counter it, then it’s an unbalanced team. The Devs have always been very good at balancing such unfair teams and combinations when they prove gamebreaking.

I can understand some people not being interested in this sort of thing, but ultimately that’s the very nature of PvP gaming in an environment that requires building a team/deck from an unlockable set of units.


true and i think an incentive for strong defense is needed but not necessary per-se as making a defense team that works sounds awesome in its own right.


Ok so I just got a defense win and I got 3 glory points and a gold key, did the devs finally buff the rewards?. I play Gems of War since day one and I NEVER got anything other than the single glory point for a defense win


There’s some interesting debate on this topic also on this thread:


I suffered a few defeats this morning and got 1 glory each, so it makes me wonder…


Defeats use to give 0 glory.