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Quick question about defense rewards

Hi there,

I have just noticed that when my defense team wins a battle, that victory is counting towards the defense rewards (the one that goes up to 60 and gives 1 event key). It wasn’t like this before and this is a very nice change.
Is it because of this change that defense victory is worth only 3 pvp points (rarely 8 points)?
And regarding the defense mechanics, I was thinking about something. It would be interesting if we could assing a priority list of troops when matching gems. Something like, AI fill up troop #2 first, then 3 and so on. Not sure if this would be even possible, but it would be cool.

All AI defend wins are 3 glory and AI defend loses give 1. They haven’t been adjusted to put other factors into consideration.

Didn’t know that defend loss is giving 1 point.
Thanks for the answer, Tacet.

Actually AI defense losses don’t show up except in the stats. You get no log of a loss so you don’t know who beat you and it doesn’t show up with the wins so there’s no rewards added.