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PvP defense question

I had a question. I noticed that when you get defense notifications in the PvP you earn souls/gold/keys and stuff. This might be a stupid question, but do those rewards get selected randomly, or do you earn the rewards that your AI controlled team actually earn in the battle?

ie: If I set my soul grinding team as my defense team, would I end up getting more souls because my Banshee, Wight, and Valkyrie generated them in the battle just like when I battle myself?

I’m curious to know myself.

You get 1 gem for every 7 chain cascade the AI does (treasure map in offense) but unsure about gold, souls and keys.

I’m pretty sure it’s

1 glory for a loss
3 glory for a win
1 soul for every troop your defence team kills
Gold I have no clue about

No you don’t get any souls, maps or gold your defence team generates. Same with event troops you won’t get the extra glory this week for having the event troop in your defence team.

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