Reward information

This is not really a request as much as a discussion topic. I am curious as to how many people are using my defence for the event and how my team is doing to help them. What are you interested in knowing about the rewards being given to you or the opponent.

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That would assume that we were having a one-on-one Defense encounter. I typically log in and find I’ve had multiple Defense losses from several opponents.

The typical reward for me for one Defense win/loss is like 34 gold, 2 glory, and maybe 1 key (usually none).

i think the closest feature we could get to receiving such information would be:

allowing the invader to leave a “like” after the battle. so when checking your defense score there would be one more value - defense likes :slight_smile:

ppl could leave a like if they had fun fighting it, appreciated help with event or even liked the chellenge it gave them

do you think it is worth its own feature request thread?