Are you guys gonna beef up the rewards for defense winnings?


This has probably been discussed before but the rewards you get when someone attacks you and you win are really lousy. You basically get 1 (ONE) glory point. I really think winning when someone attacks you should give way better rewards


Yeah, this has been broken since the game’s start. Hopefully it will be addressed in 1.0.8, but definitely needs to by 1.0.9. Losing defends has always for some unknown reason been drastically more profitable than winning. There was even a time when winning a defend gave NOTHING and losing one had no negative effect, so at least some progress was made.


wait to claim your prizes, so you are letting only 1 person attack you and you win… i have found that when i get a 3 win/3 loss thing i get way better pay outs.


lol are you serious? Let’s say I hire you for 5 days to do a job. If I pay you $500 after the 5 days, I’m paying more than if I pay you $100 for each day? Someone needs to go back to school (either that or I misunderstood what you were trying to say)


well when i win one i get just glory. when i win more than 1 i get gems and or keys. cant remember and its not monday to find out quickly. its like when multiple kingdoms bring tribute… you get a bonus for multiple at 1 time.


I’ve collected a few defense wins at once and never got any gems or keys. But even if that’s how it works, it makes no sense because if you wait, you’re gonna miss a lot of revenge battles, since you can only have 3 active at the same time. So in order to collect more rewards from the defense wins, you have to give up more revenge battles that fill up the meter.

Bottom line is, the rewards for defense wins are lousy and need to be beefed up