Not Being attacked on Defence

Hi @Nimhain First of all thank you and your wonderful team for such fun and enjoyable game, but I did find a bug I want to report. Towards the second half of last week, my def team was not getting attacked at all, it is stuck on 9/60, I thought it was because PVP system just got inplemented and should be find this week, but as of right now I am still getting the problem. Anyone else getting this? I play on Moblie, invite code xuyuu89, thanks Dev and keep the good work up!

ps. I finally spend around $150 for the queen mab pack last week so don’t nerf it :joy:

I haven’t seen any “revenge”'s or defense attacks either. Didn’t know if it was just me.

My current guess is that if your defensive team isn’t rated high enough for the x3 trophies, is that you get skipped.

I’m not sure how to test this, but I know I am always taking the 3x trophy matches. I don’t care if it’s a rival or a revenge, because lesser trophies don’t help the guild.

I don’t see a single defense loss on the leaderboard. I wish this thing was at least consistently wrong, as opposed to inconsistent and wrong each time…

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I’m not getting any either. Haven’t in several days. And as of today, my total defense losses reset to zero. Still getting the occassional defensive win though.

This has been going on for a week or so now. Really sucks, as it stops any progress you had on your revenge rewards cold.

Seems like the bug has been addressed. Just lost 4 defends in a row and I’m finally getting an option to revenge! The leaderboard also seems to reflect the bug fix.

I just got my first two revenges for the week. And my defense loss numbers are starting to go up as well. We didn’t know when we had it good!

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They fixed it. Now if I don’t grind out tier 1 in one sitting I run the risk of losing standing while not at the computer.


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And the moral of this thread is, “Be careful what you wish for”.