Defense victories doesnt get registered

Defense victories sometimes doesnt get registered for me. Anyone elses?

None of mine do. I see a bunch of victories in my log, but my defense win rate is 0% according to the tally.

Hmm, strange… It will hopefully be fixed soon. :slight_smile:

I am the same and not happy. I have seen loads of battlelog defence victories with points but I am showing something like 1/31 on defence and due to that a not much over 50% win rate and I have won all of my invades lol.

Ok just logged in and my report shows 10 defense victories but my league stats show 2/36 any feedback devs?

After taking a nap i logged in and got an exclamation mark on my pvp icon. Klicking it it showed “1 defense win / 0 defense losses”. Then looking under statistics I see my offensive stats shown right as “8 wins 0 losses” but my defense stats are “0 wins 1 loss”… Fun fact: I went from rank 14 to 13 while sleeping, so I got my pvp points but the statistics show it as a total “88% win 12% lose”…

So why should I play atm if it just makes my statistics worse?

Before the patch, we had a maximum of 3 defence losses aginst which we could “REVENGE”. Now I’m a bit confused because wether I attack or “defend” it shows 3 cards/players. Has this changed? Who do we defend against now and which TAB should we select for revenge?

Secondly. What is the upside down fist/gauntlet?

Before the patch we could not lose a level but now I see you get points for every PvP battle where you loose points for defeats. Will we be able to loose a level from now on?

I am a bit slow to change but I really do not understand the new revenge system.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Revenge is built into the PVP invade system now. Occasionally when you attack you will get someone who’s attacked you in the past as a Revenge battle, which will award your more glory than usual.

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Thanx again Ozbal ;)l

We’re looking into the defense victories displaying issue.