Defense victories not counted as invade losses?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I got a notification that my defense team won. Three times, actually! I didn’t think my team was all that menacing, so I went to look at who could possibly have lost to my cupcake squad. It was the same person all three times. I checked their PVP stats to see if they’re a new player, and it turns out that they have had no invade losses this week. This seems improbable, given my battle log.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Get attacked by this individual?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
I have a couple of screenshots to show the losses and the PVP record of the other player, but I don’t want to make this sound like a callout thread. If it’d help the devs I can post/PM them.

I think the person’s profile probably takes a while to update.

does the person still have less then 3 looses after a hour?
lets see can we eliminate the display delay idea

Two hours (and two more “losses”!) later, the first three losses still haven’t shown up. I now have five defense victories against this individual, and they’re still 81-0 this week and on a 140-match win streak.

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I believe it’s a casual PvP bug. For example if you invade me on casual PvP and you win, I’ll get a defense victory regardless. In your case, that person was invading you in casual PvP. That’s why I called it a bug because casual PvP shouldn’t affect ranked PvP stats.

I asked @Nimhain few weeks ago about how can I got defense victories but the invader didn’t get invade loses and she said she’ll look into it. Any words regarding this matter?


this player that invaded you… wouldnt be called MathMath by any chance? i had 2 invade wins earlier and often check my log even now and then and it was that player twice in a row but when i looked they had 0 losses. Also the same person was losing to Tacet on stream last week numerous times in a row and still had 0 losses?

This does seem to be a trend, this individual. Weird.

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Yep had the same thing happen to me and it happened to Tacet on the weekend… cant be sure which stream it was

Same thing happened to me mathmath lost to me at least 5 times last week but when I checked his profile it was showing as 0 losses.

I had the same issue a couple weeks ago, but knew the other player from the forum and asked him about it directly via PM. He confirmed that he was playing casual PVP all week, yet he was showing up in my ranked results (even though he NEVER invaded me) and he was getting an amazing "win streak’ on his defence team, even though he shouldn’t have been in the ranked PVP pool at all, since he hadn’t invaded anyone.

We jointly reported all of this to the devs with screenshots, got a reply that they were looking into it, and haven’t heard anything since.

I think it is safe to say that something goofy is going on with casual PVP and the devs are working on a fix.

Once the player rejoined ranked PVP, everything went back to normal and our results were reporting correctly when we battled each other.


I’ve experienced this with four players over the past two weeks. At least one of those players is now banned. And given their position on the leaderboards during those times, I really doubt this has anything to do w/ casual pvp.

EDIT: A question to those of you who have also experienced this: were your defense teams at the time particularly good at looping? My initial impression when I encountered this was that it was a bot retreating for the sake of speed if they went on too long. That doesn’t explain the missing losses, though.

For myself, I only noticed this when I changed from a very difficult defence team (Gorgotha, Emperina, Death, Plague), to a joke defence team (Peasant, Villager, Innkeeper, Dwarven Miner). I wouldn’t describe either team as good at looping. When I saw 2 prominent level 1000+ players seemingly unable to beat my ‘every day Joe’ team, I was more than a little puzzled. Being on PS4, and knowing one of those players from the forum (and seeing his willingness to report everything to the devs), I am confident that they are not using a bot, although that certainly doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t.

I reported this to a dev a week or so ago and ironically it’s the same person showing up again today (the screenshot was just taken). It’s showing her to have 0 wins and 0 losses for invasions.
Any news about this that you can share @Sirrian?

Note the time stamps on those encounters. 4 engagements in one minute is almost as fast as the menus load for me. There is absolutely no way this is associated with somebody winning a casual match, and even immediately retreating from a casual match is unlikely since there’s no way to ensure you get the same player multiple sets in a row. Something is weird here.


Grundy, the time stamps in the Battle Log aren’t necessarily a smoking gun anymore, in the same way that I haven’t personally completed 20 of our guild’s legendary tasks by myself in the last 0 minutes after login.

The server timestamps are sort of bugged when they show in PvP.

But because of the sheer frequency of attacks, if the mathmath player is Botting, then he/she was the first of three Bot-run players to attack me and attempt farming whatever it is they’re trying to farm.

if we remove the casual battle the only idea i have (bestie cheats) is server connection issues where “try again” button sends battle results multiple times (it could be send then from a casual battle), a theory…

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