Not getting any defense losses/progress on the revenge meter

I just started a couple days ago, and I’m pretty confident I’m not so amazing that I simply haven’t lost a single defense. I assume you advance the revenge meter by fighting people who defeated you, so if I can’t see my defeats I can’t get any revenge.


Heyo, been having the same thing happen to me. Unsure if this is a bug since 2.01 or not, but I have had 0 revenges since the mini-update.

I have not had any defense loses, just 10-15 defense wins today. Don’t think I had any in the last few days either.

defense losses no longer show in your battle log, they only are shown on your stats page, you have to manually keep count of broken shields

My broken shields have not gone up all day. It has been sitting at 94. Defense losses never showed up in battle log, not for me at least.

Yeah, the log and reporting of defense losses has been broken since a day or two after 2.0 hit, but you could still get “silent” losses which would increase your broken shield count and offer you some revenge battle options. Within the last few days, broken shield count has also stopped increasing and I have also not seen a revenge battle offer in this time. This would have me believe I went like 20-0 on AI defends during this time - no way my defense team is that good. I’ve also noted a couple I managed to beat on the top 100 had the same broken shield count before and after my invasion in the inspect screen (I know the leaderboard data top 100 itself is on a rolling update and may not be current, but the inspect data should be current, right?).

@Lyya might be able to confirm the issue, since I beat her defense twice today. Have you noticed any recent losses or revenges for me?

I haven’t seen losses in several days. I don’t think anyone has. I also haven’t lost PvP points as a result.

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say the dev team removed loss reporting entirely as a stopgap fix for the whole “I hate seeing my score go backward” complaints they were getting just after patch (I was one of those complainers).

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I’ve actually seen ONE this week, and it was after the reports about not getting defense losses started, so I thought it had been fixed. But I haven’t had another loss since then… (and I’m not sure if the loss showed on my battle log or not)

I haven’t lost points from defense losses or had them appear in the log after the “fix” a day or two into 2.0 PvP, but they were still happening in the background and giving out revenge chances. Its only been a few days since the current issue, where it seems to be absolutely impossible to even get a loss and therefore impossible to advance your revenge meter. Can you check your recent battles log and see if it is reporting a Win versus me, or if it just didn’t appear at all? My last win vs you was less than an hour ago, it might still be there.

Edit: 30 mins ago on my log as of this edit.

Either my defence team is awesome (doubt it though) or my defence team has a slow win streak going.

You’re not in my log at all. I haven’t seen a broken shield in days.

Might have turned defense loss off since it sounds like some were losing points for defense loses, and others were not.

Okay, thanks, just checking if losses were getting reported as wins rather than not getting reported at all or some other shenanigans.

For Devs: I know broken shields and revenges were accumulating earlier this week as I had the wrong team on defense to start the week out due to the team swap bug which had an abysmal win rate. During this time, however, losses still did not show in my log and I did not lose points for them, nor did I ever get any “defense defeats” on the summary screen for clicking on Tier Rewards. However, I did still get revenge offers and the broken shield counter was increasing. This is what I figured was sort of a stopgap fix for the complaints about overwhelming point loss from AI defend losses early on, as this change happened a couple days into 2.0. The issue with not being able to lose, period, is a recent issue from the last few days.

They are quite active in monitoring threads, but you should know that if you tag someone (like @Nimhain and @Sirrian) then they’ll get poked to take a look, in case they didn’t know of this issue. I don’t think this is the only report of this failure to register defense losses, though.

I’m still getting defense wins every now and then, so my team is definitely getting challenged… but no defense losses since maybe last Mon or Tues. The biggest deal, at least for me, is I haven’t gotten offered any revenge battles since about the same time… which means I’ve missed out on heaps of revenge rewards.

We believe we have tracked down the issue here, and will have a fix out shortly.

@Andrew, I know, (without a doubt as I remember the names from the victory screen) that the attack losses shown below were both attack wins

Also, I had lost two attacks this week but shows that I have lost seven. Will these bugs be corrected with the defence losses?