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No defenses again

I really don’t get it what’s going on, but no one is attacking me. My defend team consists of just 1 unit, my hero, and that’s all. Still I had no attacks on me in past 48 maybe even 72 hours. Anyone experiencing the same? :worried:

Just to add that I’m regularly invading in PvP, so I should be in rotation.

They took one look at your troop and thought sorry kid you are not worth the fight. That is my guess and opinion but hey i have been wrong before.

Maybe you should put a goblin there instead. That’s all I ever see…

Who skips 1 man battles, it’s the fastest possible way to earn trophies. . Doesn’t add up. And they wouldn’t know if I’m a kid or not, which I’m not. My picture is probably decisive. .

Hah I would then I would continue not to be attacked xD
I have fully traited gobos, but don’t want to annoy attackers. I just wanted my defense goodies, which I am currently restricted from :confused:

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The reason they would skip over you is because they are not aiming for trophies but to grind out gold, souls, possible maps which can be done with one troop but it might die before the caps are hit.

I’ve been invaded much less since 1.0.9.

My current theory is that the Burning Scythe in Arena is drawing those players looking to grind trophies to the Arena.

I’m not saying its siphoned off a ton of matches, but enough to see the impact.

It’s still a sure win, gold is easily won, and if you play with valk you could stall long enough to hit the cap without having to fear you might lose.

Lol I understand. I usually see u in my queue too, but today I haven’t. I haven’t seen much Wolfy either. He/she uses just their hero all the time. Good luck to you nevertheless brother.

You might be right, arena sure did get more popular.

Thank you.
Yes I know that guy, I also visit him anytime I get him. Now that you mention, I think I didn’t saw him recently either. .

@DonBoba I have played a couple thousand pvp battles and I don’t think I have ever seen your name pop up. You commented on this before so I’ve been watching for ya. The main single troop team I see is Wolfy. Sorry bud I would fight your team cuz I don’t skip anything.

Hope you’ll get me :slight_smile:
Only reason I’m complaining is that the amount of defense battles I get has dropped massively. I had them 10+ a day, now I don’t get 10 for the whole week.

I skip single hero’s all the time unless they got lots of money:)

but I am also getting same thing nobody has been fighting my defense team and they not that good, can be beat easy enough

Maybe you aren’t worth that much gold? Maybe b/c defense rewards were buffed folks are less inclined to give you lots of defenses?

Also agree that Burning Scythe + Arena reward buffs have likely made it more attractive.

I’m mostly attacked in the first 4 days of the week, when people are trying to get rank 1. The time this was posted - immediately before/during the week shift - is always a low attack frequency time.

I posted it 6 hours after the week started, when usually there are the most attacks. .

@Esoxnepa is definitely correct on the overall less PvP crowd. Arena’s actually quicker/easier to farm souls and Trophies now thanks to the 2-hit-wonder Scythe.

Still, you’re clearly a special case, Donny. Even with the reduction in defenses, I still at least got a few these past couple days.