Level 1 Player Defeats Level 595 Player (Revenge Bug?)

Had a Revenge match a day or so ago against fengyeye233. Congrats fengy, you managed to get past my awesome Goblin Team while you just started the game at Level 1.

If we are having a revenge match are we fighting against an opponents attack team or their home kingdom defense team?

I assume your attack team was what I was facing in the revenge battle. There were only two troops on your team!

Anyway, thanks (Shay Shay) for the fight at Warlord 4 difficulty and the easy 2879 Gold and 140 Souls.

You are fighting against their defense team.

Yup, you wouldn’t catch me actievly using dolkafar to attack. But you will see him everytime you attack me

How can he be level 1?
When you’ve past the training, you’re level 2, no?

Maybe you were looking at rank and not lvl? Even if the game did glitch and allow a level one out of the play pen any defend team you run would crush a lvl 6 goblin and a hero with crude club

O.o, something very strange there.

Yep. Very strange. Especially the Gold Level of 981 :wink:

I am not sure but don’t pvp unlock at level 10?

I had this same thing happen to me and posted another thread about it, the devs never replied. It is likely a buffer overflow bug of some kind in the code that commits the invasion match results to their database, resulting in the wrong player ID # being stored. Someone did beat you, but it wasn’t the level 1 dude. You can’t even get out of the tutorial without making it to level 2.

I agree 100% @captain_video. A Goblin Imp’d the database transaction. But, shouldn’t there be transaction checks? Like check IF it is level 1 THEN cancel and send another? :sunglasses:

what would have been interesting is what the level of the hero showed in the actual battle.

True @bluebehir. Oops :flushed:

The Hero Level was VERY low. The attack, Life and Armour as shown are AFTER I had changed to Warlord 4 difficulty. Which is a 200% increase for each item.

I tested this not too long ago. When you first get to the world map, you’re still level 1. Of course your training isn’t over yet, and it will continue when you start the Broken Spire quest line, but you don’t have to do that - you can go straight to PvP and fight. The funny thing is your training will actually continue there, and you’ll see Luther giving you instructions during your PvP match.


He wears your grandpa’s clothes…
He looks incredible…

Remember, thug life begins at level #1.

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I thought it was impossible to do PVP below a certain level (level 8 or 10 or something like that) ?

So how can a level 1 player invade someone else? :frowning:

The same player, Fengyeye233 showed up for me in revenges a couple of times. Level 1 Hero and his Lance Knight. It would be impossible for a Level1 player to beat my defense, regardless of whether he could or couldn’t do pvp at level1, so this is clearly a bug of some kind.

So did I, but then I tried and it was possible.

I do remember some limit in the distant past. Maybe it was changed at some point, or maybe it was always possible and my memory got it mixed up with something else.

you mean the spring imp?