No one is attacking?

What’s up with everyone, why is no one attacking? I used to have tons of defensive matches both wins and losses, but since last week something’s changed and I maybe got 2-3 attacks in past 7 days. This is totally unusual especially for Monday where I was used to get tons of people attacking me. My team is unique (I haven’t seen no one using the same troops as I do) and really isn’t hard to beat so I must wonder why am I not getting attacked. .

I faced you at least once this week. :slight_smile:

I have been attacked today as usual the best that I can tell. My first thought was that maybe your defense team was either gobbos or skullies, but you said that it was unique so I dunno.

And another question, but I don’t want to spam with topics. Have those of you who are attacking regularly been getting inactive players as targets? I don’t know if those 2 things are linked (me not having no attacks on me, and getting inactive players as targets). I do know that before almost never got a player that’s not actively playing, recently about 5-6 days ago (coincidence much?) I started getting many of those players especially level 1000 players. They don’t have troops above level 15 nor traits, that’s how I know they are not playing. .

You did? :open_mouth:
But I didn’t get no option to play revenge against you, and I’d remember your name since I know you from here. .

I see alot of honbag and dhjl. I think those two are very active tho. I can’t remember the last time that I played a high level player that you speak of that didn’t have Mythic troops and mostly with three traits each.

Nothing of those 2, it’s webspiner, hobgoblin, goblin shaman and another webspiner on the end.

to be attacked they had to have attacked someone in the last 24 hours. so not sure why its not other than maybe this monday morning is just slow? should pick up this afternoon/evening (us time anyway)

edited - also if you are already at 1, you wont see much of the guys still heading down from 15 to 1. end of edit

i always set my troops from the kingdom of the monster of the week. So i think my Grosh’nak team is gonna be fun! :slight_smile: at least not boring.

I can start writing their names down, but I am sure there were at least 4 of inactive level 1000 players I got today. I don’t complain about them I get 3-5.000 gold there without much struggle. Only active level 1000 I got today was Mr.Sammy and I got him 3 times.

They all had PvP rank 15 so I’m pretty sure they didn’t attack nobody. Asides, like I said they did have full legend team, but legends were level 15, neither ascended or traited.

now that is weird. maybe glich and put their teams back to something random? I’ve seen that in another thread.
but rank 15, not sure. hmm just odd.

I don’t recall ever playing against you. we must be in different rotations or cycles, whatever they call it.

I’ll start taking screenshots and post them here :slight_smile:

So what just happened. I got dhjl in my search for those players I mentioned earlier, attack him since gold was good. After I win that fight I start searching again, and the first target I get is dhjl again xD

I’ve had very few attacks today as well, I think 3 wins and 2 loses all day. And my defense team isn’t standard, so I doubt people are Alt-F4 out:

Mercy ***
Templar ***
Paladin **

I like giving people a break from the “oh joy, more goblins” or “Another Trueshot with skull producer” :slight_smile:

Ok here’s one (after only 5 battles):

First picture shows that he is rank 15 in PvP and the next shows his troops.
It’s just a level 413 player but I’ve been getting a vide range of inactive players.

I can post more later, now I need to sleep since I have to get up in 5 and a half hours.

I haven’t seen more than three of the high level players today. It’s mostly been low power teams or single troop teams. Easy gold but not very exciting.

It use to be like this in 24 hours after you just have got Rank 1. I have noticed it.

It may just be as simple as a long queue to process defends. With a lot of people all racing to rank one at once it’s a lot of defends to process.