It's time once again to play GoW's favorite mini-game: STUMP THE DEVS!

Today’s screenshot comes from the Android platform. Our phone hero is currently level 106 with team stat bonuses from six kingdoms (+4 attack, +2 magic). See if you can spot the problem and STUMP THE DEVS!

The problem is that your defend team is so bad it lost to a level 1. :stuck_out_tongue:


You apparently got beaten by a level 1 player?

Here’s a hint: Think about what has to happen before you complete the tutorial.

Is it that we’re over 24 hours past rank reset and you’re not rank 1 yet?

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It’s been over a year since I connected my last device and had to go through the tutorials

You go up a level during the tutorial, so a rank one player would not be in PvP yet? If that’s it, it might be a display error.

Even beyond the tutorial - PvP is specifically locked for low-level players. They can’t even access the button.

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Ding ding ding! We have a winner! :confetti_ball:

To our knowledge players aren’t ever locked out of pvp on the PC/ Mobile versions (even the low level players).

We will look into what could be happening here though.

Bet his defend team still sucks ;p
Or maybe he was attacked by a… dev… test team.

Odd, I remember being locked out of PvP when I first started in 1.0.6. Was that changed in an earlier patch?
(I don’t read the patch notes, I’m normally content with what’s mentioned in the news posts.)

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FYI, when I played that revenge match, the defend team was a level 1 hero with Crude Club as the weapon, plus a level 1 Lance Knight. Exactly what I would expect to see if the player had started the tutorial and then quit out. No way that player attacked me in PvP.