It's time once again to play GoW's favorite mini-game... STUMP the DEVS!


Today’s screenshots come from the PC/mobile leaderboard. See if you can spot the anomaly between them, and STUMP the DEVS!

HINT: It’s not about the points.


How Ethalion went from 1 invasion loss to none? What do I win?


Ethalion has 1 invade loss then it vanishes later.


Literally as I was typing yours appeared.


It has happened several times both last week and this, and I believe is not specific to one single player.


I would have never noticed that


Looks like a visual bug because I lost to @Royalty and @Macawi


Could it be a rest issue? Also 200ish games between screen shot?! If he gets top spot good for him.


He won so much that his loses were forgiven. xD


#Chuch Norris

Showed a little leniency, he’s a very forgiving power (when he’s not roundhouse kicking your face off)