Attacked by a DEV!

This is the first time that this has happened to me and I’m pretty excited about it.

Now this probably needs confirmation, but I’m fairly certain I’ve been attacked by @Nimhain as seen in this screenshot:

This was their team setup:

So… Nimhain? Is that you? Thanks for the gold and all that :wink:



I believe it may be someone with the same name as a dev. The last time I was invaded by devs they always had the same amount of gold reward in the high 1,000s. It was by Sirrian and someone else who wasn’t Nimhain, so that could possibly be Nimhain. We’ll have to see what she says and if she has an impersonator. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it was me. When I saw you in PvP I thought it might be fun to see if I could get on your revenge list. I’m glad I did, though I wish I was worth more gold than that :sweat_smile:

Yes but that was when you were streaming the mass opening of keys and we thought it would be fun to manually add us to your revenge list (hence the 1337 gold :wink:)


Haha, thanks. I do need to get around to streaming again. My current internet is too bad to do it, but I will be moving in about 2 months and may be able to do it again then.

I think defeating a dev in PvP should be worth 500 trophies and 10 event keys.


Though if that happens, they’ll probably make sure their defenses are above normal player levels. :stuck_out_tongue:

Every dev should run with 4 troops all on a mega version like Mega Gorgotha.


Bring it. I’ll still whup 'em. I’d jump at the chance to use dev PvP to farm event keys.

Is it possible to refight Evolved Gorgotha?
I haven’t done the challenges from the dwarf kingdom so I don’t know but he was the highlight of the entire story mode, I wanna see if I can take him on a 5 star challenge on Warlord IV

It is impossible to refight it.

Evolved super troops with epic effects that only the devs can use on defense.

How? Is it the 5 star challenge?

Never mind I misread and saw “it’s possible to refight it” lol
I see only what I wanna see

I feel… honoured by this sentiment :smile:


Heh, nice one Jalijer! The honor to fight a developer was rewarded with a blessing to open a Legendary Troop today.

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