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Big SHOUT OUT to GoW game developers!

I would like to say of all online games I’ve played GoW has the fastest and best response to player issues, forum questions and the like.
Thanks for your hard work Development team :smiling_imp: or :innocent:


A thankyou thread is something i hope they read, i too am happy with all that has happened in the last few days.


yes, great work GoW devs, from when I first started playing, this game feels always fresh :slight_smile:

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Thank you devs!
While I am not happy with the impervious and gem match changes, I love everything else about the update and your hard work is noted!

Plus that free gift we get next week (pc mobile) helps relieve the sting of all the nerfs :wink:

Can’t wait for the new kingdom!

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@TaliaParks Baaaahhhhh

Says the sheep?

They always taking good care of me , sorry you have had a different experience :slight_smile: p
Ps. @TaliaParks would that make you happy ?